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We don't inherit our planet from our ancestors

We are borrowing it from our children.

Our ocean

Since 1782 Camper & Nicholsons have thrived by anticipating change. The firm pioneered J-Class racing yachts, flying boats and the entire brokerage market – alongside a dozen other innovations. Today we are witnessing a uniquely global challenge. Marine protection is required to safeguard every stakeholder in the superyacht industry. If environmental degradation continues, it will have a direct result on yachting, plus the crews, brokers, owners and the shipyards that co-exist in this $35bn market.
As yachting’s oldest and largest marque, Camper & Nicholsons have always led the way. That’s why the company is adding environmental protection to its mission statement. Such idealism is not a corporate gambit. Assisting and funding ocean projects will ensure biodiversity across seven-tenths of the earth’s surface; an area that doubles as our workplace, playground and home. The firm has always looked beyond the next decade – not the next financial quarter.
Our most immediate action has been to partner with Mission Blue, the environmental non-profit led by Dr Sylvia Earle. Hailed as a living legend by Time magazine, and recognised as an eminent oceanographer the world over, Dr Earle has led over 100 marine expeditions and spent 7,000 hours underwater. She acted as an ocean mentor to four American presidents.
At the age of 87, Dr Earle still travels the world for 300 days annually to lecture global leaders in marine threats. Her career was highlighted in a recent Netflix biopic, the Emmy award-winning Mission Blue. By helping to fund Dr Earle’s work, and highlighting Mission Blue’s expeditions as far afield as Micronesia and Spitsbergen, we can safeguard our most important resource.
Camper & Nicholsons consistently solved industry issues by mixing interactive education with razor-edge technology. Their forthcoming ocean projects marry the same two tenets.
For example, yachting itineraries will now include information on Mission Blue’s Hope Spots: oceanic zones that contain unrivalled biodiversity but require additional protection. Guests will be able to view, track and log species in each Hope Spot using an app. Owners can complement the environmental trend by offering on-board lecturers, glass-bottomed kayaks, further visits to unique locations and other actions inspired by customer preference.
Feedback will also be given to shipyards as they plan the next generation of superyachts with undersea conservatories, wildlife viewing platforms, silent-running batteries, plastic-to-power incinerators and a whole host of design breakthroughs necessitated by environmental change. Outreach will include countless other stakeholders including ports, local authorities, captains and brokers.
The buck rests with the biggest name in yachting: our corporate responsibility requires us to fight for marine protection on all fronts. This could take the form of advising local authorities about the wisdom of marine stewardship. Or educating crews about environmental needs. As Dr Sylvia Earle attests, in terms of ocean protection the next 10 years are the most important in the next 10,000 years. Camper & Nicholsons have sailed ahead of the fleet for some two and a half centuries. They will rise to the challenge yet again.

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