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Guinjata Bay

Guinjata Bay is located on the southern coast of Mozambique and is known for its broad beaches and Manta Reef, one of the top dive sites in the world. Humpback whales use this area as a migratory route, and these waters also serve as a nursery for many sharks and cetaceans. Guinjata Bay is currently under no means of protection, and scientists have witnessed brutal shark finning and other illegal fishing practices. The endangered elasmobranch species is targeted by local fisheries to fuel the illegal trade in shark fins and gill rakers – the combination of unsustainable fishing practices and targeted elasmobranch fisheries has led to a drastic decline in the region’s manta ray and whale shark populations with 88% and 79% decline in sightings respectively over an 8 and 6 year period. Fortunately, NGO Love The Oceans has been conducting research into sustainable fishing solutions and administering local educational programs to ignite government interest to officially protect these waters.

Protected Species

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