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Datan Algal Reef

The Datan Algal Reef is located along the northwest coast of Taiwan and is home to an exquisite collection of biodiversity. Datan Algal Reef is home to an endangered coral reef, (Polycyathus chaishanensis), and to a large population of moray eels, crabs and the endangered green sea turtle. The reef is also a potential nursery ground for several shark species, including the hammerhead shark, which is an IUCN-endangered species. Unfortunately, 75% of the reef has been damaged by industrial pollution in the last 50 years with the remaining 25% of the algal reef still threatened by a liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving port project. There are still many unexplored questions about this amazing reef and many unknown marine creatures await to be uncovered. The establishment of the Datan Algal Reef Hope Spot has evoked international support to save the reef which would benefit Taiwan's entire marine ecosystem.

Protected Species

Coral Reefs Crabs Green Sea Turtles Hammerhead Sharks Moray Eels
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