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Maldive Atolls

The Maldive Atolls is one of the most species-rich marine areas within the entire Indian Ocean region. While a detailed biodiversity inventory has not been undertaken, it is estimated that in its coral reefs, approximately 250 species of scleractinian corals and 55 genera of hermatypic corals can be found. Other creatures that call these atolls home are five species of turtles and a number of other globally and locally threatened marine species including whales and whale sharks, pearl oysters, eels and puffer fish. The Maldives are unfortunately known to be one of the areas on Earth most affected by climate change with rapidly rising seawater urgently affecting human and marine life. The local government is currently exploring solutions, including building up the islands with sand and even moving the human population elsewhere.

Protected Species

Eels Hermatypic Corals Pearl Oysters Puffer Fish Scleractinian Corals Sea Turtles Whale Sharks Whales
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