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Alboran Sea

The Alborán Sea is located on the far West of the Mediterranean Sea with the Straight of Gibraltar on its westernmost point, connecting the rest of the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean. This body of cerulean blue water is home to some of the highest biodiversity in the area, including sea birds, turtles, seahorses, bottlenose dolphins, sharks and dwarf sperm whales. Marine life within the Alborán Sea faces threats from heavy shipping traffic, pollution, illegal fishing practices and development, but major steps are being taken to address these issues. Stakeholders met in Málaga, Spain, in September 2018 to discuss a unification of regulations between North Africa and Europe (Spain, Morocco, Algeria) that would protect the waters from further pollution caused by excessive marine traffic and help put a stop to overfishing, which was a critical – and rare – intercontinental meeting seeking actionable solutions to environmental and ecological concerns.

Protected Species

Bottlenose Dolphins Dwarf Sperm Whales Sea Turtles Seabirds Seahorses Sharks
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