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Western Pacific Donut Hole 3

These four high seas enclaves in the western Pacific Ocean are entirely surrounded by the exclusive economic zones (EEZs) of neighboring island nations. The four "Donut Holes" are pockets of marine habitat beyond national jurisdiction, and have been described as the West Oceania Marine Reserve (WOMAR); Greater Oceania Marine Reserve (GOMAR); Moana Marine Reserve (MOANA); and the Western Pacific Marine Reserve (WPMR). Stationary features, which may receive adequate protection within the enclaves, include: seamounts; abyssal plain habitat; possible hydrothermal vent communities; and the tropical corals and pelagic species that may be present at Horizon Bank. Further conservation measures will be required to ensure the adequate protection of highly mobile species, including a variety of sea turtles and tuna.

Protected Species

Corals Sea Turtles Tuna
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