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Ross Sea

The Ross Sea is located in Antarctica's Southern Ocean, and is perhaps one of the most remote places on Earth. Thanks to cold temperatures, its nutrient-dense waters are some of the most productive in the world with booming phytoplankton and krill populations that serve as the base of the food chain supporting seabirds, penguins, seals and great whales. Perhaps its most unique creatures are "sea spiders" that can be found as large as a dinner plate! Largely untouched by humans, the Ross Sea is often referred to as the "Last Ocean", and thankfully enough people knew to take action to preserve that status. In 2016, the Ross Sea became one of the world's largest marine reserves when several countries banded together to protect 598,000 square miles of water, of which 432,000 square miles are officially protected from certain forms of fishing.

Protected Species

Krill Penguins Phytoplankton Sea Spiders Seabirds Seals and Great Whales
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