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Mako Shark Metropolis

The Mako Shark Metropolis east of the Grand Banks is a key habitat for both immature and mature male and female shortfin mako sharks in the North Atlantic. It represents an area in international waters where this species aggregates and is one of the most important remaining hotspots of occurrence for the North Atlantic population, including for pregnant makos. Shortfin mako sharks are IUCN Red listed as Vulnerable and assessed as having a decreasing population due to severe exploitation. The area is a key, year-round foraging area for this shark species thanks to high sea surface temperature gradients, with high associated primary productivity typical of a convergence zone where warm (Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current) and cold (Labrador) currents meet. Scientists have been actively monitoring this species to learn more about how their populations can be recovered.

Protected Species

Mako Shark
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