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George Town Harbour

The George Town Harbour area is perhaps one of the most famous places in the Cayman Islands, as it's home to some of the world's most accessible reefs and iconic sites including Devil's Grotto, Soto's Reef, Eden Rock and the historic Wreck of the Balboa. Small schools of grunts and snappers shelter under the wreckage, and all major phyla are found on the Balboa and the surrounding reef dredge zone; many forms of sea sponge are abundant under and around the wreckage, which attracts angel fish and turtles. Unfortunately, there have been plans to further develop the harbour for use by larger cruise ships which will mean removal of reefs and wrecks. The good new is that stakeholders have been successful thus far in striking down the proposals, and have gained international support in continuing to push for the official protection of the area.

Protected Species

Angel Fish Coral Reefs Grunts Sea Sponge Sea Turtles Snappers
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