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Tavarua Island

The famous Fijian island is known for its unique heart shape, lush flora and world-famous surfing and has been passionately cared for by residents, natives and visitors alike in an effort to preserve and rehabilitate its reef ecosystem. Scientists at Tavarua Island Resort are working with the Fijian Department of Fisheries in an effort to assist the depleted population of giant clams: they currently nurture hundreds of larva gigas and maxima species in on-shore tanks for successful reintroduction to the natural habitat. Throughout the last six years, the island has culturally — but not officially — upheld a “Tabu”, an absolute ban on fishing in the reef system surrounding the island put in place by a native village that owns the rights to the reefs. The people of Tavarua Island are seeking to officially protect its unique habitats, species, and ecological processes by establishing the island as a Fijian marine protected area.

Protected Species

Coral Reefs Giant Clams
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