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Grand Recif de Toliara
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Grand Recif de Toliara

Grand Recif de Toliara

The Grand Recif de Toliara of Madagascar is home to the The Grand Recif barrier reef of Toliara, part of one of the West Indian Ocean’s largest coral reef systems. This area possesses a rich biodiversity of which much of it remains, to date, unknown to science. Several marine species listed as endangered or vulnerable to extinction are known to exist in Madagascar’s waters, including the dugong, sea turtles, the whale shark and the coelacanth. The Grand Recif de Toliara has experienced overfishing and damages from human population growth and migration, not to mention negative effects from a changing climate. Fortunately, organizations like Wildlife Conservation Society and World Wildlife Fund have established campaigns to help protect the Grand Recif of Toliara and the exquisite marine life that inhabits it.
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