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Coastal Southeast Florida

Coastal Southeast Florida’s marine habitats hold populations of critically endangered species including staghorn and elkhorn coral, and are a migratory stopover for several pelagic shark species such as great hammerhead, tiger, lemon, dusky and bull sharks. The area is also known for offering a valuable nesting site for sea turtles and hold spawning grounds for vulnerable fish species including snook, grouper and snapper. However, the region is suffering from decades of neglect due to stressors such as unregulated sewage outfalls, overfishing, storm runoff, anchor damage, coastal construction, beach renourishment projects, shoreline modification and port expansion projects. The Coastal Southeast Florida Hope Spot seeks to protect the northernmost section of the Florida reef tract extending from Key Biscayne in the south to Martin County in the north and protect the irreplaceable intrinsic, cultural and natural heritage of South Florida.

Protected Species

Bull Shark Dusky Shark Elkhorn Coral Grouper Hammerhead Sharks Lemon Shark Sea Turtles Snappers Snook Staghorn Coral Tiger Sharks
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