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Algoa Bay

As one of the largest bays in South Africa, Algoa lies at the interface of two oceanic systems: the Cape Agulhas and the nutrient-rich currents of the Benguela upwelling system – one of the most fertile on Earth. Algoa Bay hosts the largest colony of the African penguin, a species of which has decreased to just two percent of historic population levels. Bottlenose, common and humpback dolphins also frequent the bay, and humpback and Southern right whales migrate north through the region each winter. Like many places on Earth, the Bay has faced negative effects of a changing climate, like rising sea level temperatures. Organizations like the Sustainable Seas Trust are working to promote public awareness of the effects of climate change on the area's sensitive species.

Protected Species

African Penguin Bottlenose Dolphins Common Dolphin Humpback Dolphin Humpback whales Southern Right Whales
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