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Malpelo Island

Malpelo is a small volcanic island located about 490 km from Buenaventura Port, Colombia and has bathymetry that descends up to 4,000 meters underwater. Although the island boasts a size of only .5 square miles, its surrounding waters are home to what has been considered one of the most important coral formations in the Colombian Pacific. In 1995, The Colombian National Government declared Malpelo a Marine Protected Area in the Fauna and Flora Sanctuary category, making it a protected oceanic area in the Colombian pacific with suitable conditions to shelter a high biodiversity, providing hope to existing and future generations.
Malpelo Island
\"The photographs seen on this page were obtained by the Mission Blue Expeditions team. They have visited Hope Spots around the world, documenting these vibrant marine environments and engaging local stakeholders to protect them. Led by Dr. Sylvia Earle and Expeditions Director Kip Evans, these voyages explore our most critical ocean habitats and are designed to create awareness, foster partnerships and build broad public support for the creation of marine protected areas across the globe.\"

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