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Gulf of the Farallones

The Gulf of the Farallones Hope Spot stretches to the north and west of San Francisco Bay and encompasses 3,295 square miles from the Farallon Islands up to Point Arena. This region includes one of North America’s most productive upwelling zones in which cold, nutrient-rich waters rise from the deep and support a wide variety of sea life including several endangered and threatened species, more than a quarter-million breeding seabirds and one of the planet’s most substantial great white shark populations. Unfortunately, the area struggles with severe land-based pollutants and was a site for industrial waste dumping from the mid 1800's through 1970. Luckily, a National Marine Sanctuary was established in the area in 1981, and The Greater Farallones Association continues to support conservation with local education, citizen science programs, funding for research and finding solutions to address climate change.

Protected Species

Great White Sharks Seabirds
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