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Capurgana and Cabo Tiburon

The Coral Reefs between Capurgana and Cabo Tiburon are located off the coast of Capurgana, Colombia, and are home to an exquisite abundance of marine life including healthy coral reefs that provide a feeding ground to several species including lobsters, snappers, rays and octopi. The beaches beyond the reefs are home to one of the world’s main nesting sites for the IUCN red-listed leatherback sea turtle, with populations slowly recovering after a ban on industrial fisheries in the area. Threats of oil drilling have haunted the nearby marine areas, and there is mounting pressure from the cruise ship industry to establish a terminal in the area. However, organizations like the Foundation ICRI Colombia have been hard at work conducting citizen science programs to collect data on the recovering marine life populations and to spread awareness on the need to expand an already-established protected area to include this Hope Spot within its jurisdiction.

Protected Species

Coral Reefs Leatherback Sea Turtles Lobster Octopus Rays Snappers
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