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Southern Strait of Georgia

The Southern Strait of Georgia is located between Victoria and Vancouver, Canada, and is abundant with an ecologically diversity of creatures and plants. Small rocky outcrops create private sanctuaries for a wide variety of seabirds and marine mammals while kelp forests are filled with schools of fish, colorful anemones and sponges, pods of orcas, and the elusive giant Pacific octopus. There are nearly 4,000 known species that call these waters home, and scientists are still finding more. Unfortunately, conservationists are watching as more and more industrial projects arrive in the area, and it continues to be one of Canada's busiest marine transport areas. The Canadian government has pledged to protect 10% of their waters by 2020 and local scientists and conservationists are determined to make the Southern Strait of Georgia a part of the equation.

Protected Species

Anemone Giant Pacific Octopus Orcas Sponges
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