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Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary of Uruguay

The Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary in Uruguay was established in 2013 by the Uruguayan government in an effort to allow populations of endangered and vulnerable cetacean species a chance to recover. Over the last several years, scientists and activists in Brazil and Uruguay have worked together to protect Southern Right Whale nurseries, a fruitful effort that resulted in a population now considered to be relatively healthy, with 10,000 worldwide today, many of which live and migrate through the sanctuary. The establishment of the Sanctuary has been a step in the right direction to protect these animals, but without official policies in place, cetaceans in these waters are still suffering from ship strikes and negative effects from seismic testing and oil drilling. This ocean noise produces sound waves that interrupt cetaceans' communication and confuse their ability to communicate and find mates. Fortunately, there are already several established marine protected areas surrounding the coasts of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, and stakeholders have hope that official expansion and strengthening of to the Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary is on the horizon.

Protected Species

Southern Right Whales
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