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Ascension Island

Ascension Island lies in the middle of the rich equatorial waters of the South Atlantic, around 1,600 kilometers from the coast of Africa and 2,250 kilometers from the coast of South America. As the most important seabird breeding station in the tropical Atlantic, the island holds the world population of the endemic Ascension frigatebird and almost half a million sooty terns, while its waters are home to the second-largest green sea turtle breeding population in the entire Atlantic! The isolated nature of Ascension Island has also lead to the evolution of unique and highly vulnerable species, with Shelly Beach being the only known habitat for two species of shrimp. Long-line fisheries exploited Ascension Island between 2010-2013, but have since been closed down — cause for hope!

Protected Species

Ascension frigatebird Green Sea Turtles Scooty Terns Seabirds Shrimp
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