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Chiloe National Park Expansion

The Chiloe National Park is considered an area of pristine habitat and lies along the western coast of Chiloé Island in Chile’s Los Lagos region. Showing no significant human impacts due to its inaccessibility, marine biodiversity here is high – the area is important for cetaceans, seabirds, sea lions and marine otters. Researchers claim that the area, located in a sheltered network of fjords surrounded by long-dormant volcanoes, is one of the most important blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) feeding and nursing grounds yet discovered in the Southern Hemisphere. The Chilean government announced in early 2018 plans to expand the country's entire network of parks by 10,000 acres, a positive step in the expansion of the Chiloe National Park.

Protected Species

Blue Whales Cetaceans Marine Otters Sea Lions Seabirds
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