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Plettenberg Bay

Linking South Africa’s Robberg Peninsula Marine Protected Area (MPA) to the edge of the Tsitsikamma MPA, the Plett Hope Spot encompasses the Plettenberg Bay and features outstanding natural beauty. This expanse of coastline includes rocky platforms, sandy beaches, and subtidal rocky reefs that are home to a Cape fur seal colony and numerous over-exploited and slow-growing fishery species that are in urgent need of protection including dageraad, red stumpnose, red steenbras, seventy-four, musselcracker, poenskop, white steenbras and dusky kob. Whales, dolphins and endangered turtle species also call Plettenberg Bay home. Thankfully, organizations like The Sustainable Seas Trust are using public platforms to encourage the sustainable use and conservation of our marine resources.

Protected Species

Cape Fur Seal Dageraad Dolphins Dusky Job Musselcracker Poenskop Red Steenbras Red Stumpnose Sea Turtles Whales White Steenbras
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