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Central American Dome

The core of the Central American Dome, also known as the Costa Rica Thermal Dome, is positioned about 300 kilometers from the Gulf of Papagayo, between Nicaragua and Costa Rica and comprises of 1,570,474 square kilometers. The Central American Dome is an area of high primary productivity in the northeastern tropical Pacific, supporting marine predators such as tuna, dolphins and cetaceans. The endangered leatherback sea turtle, which nests on the beaches of Costa Rica, migrates through this area and also provides year-round habitat that is important for the survival and recovery of the endangered blue whale. Threats to the area include Pacific leatherback egg harvesting, beach development and turtle bycatching, but The Leatherback Trust researchers and volunteers are collaborating with local authorities to protect the turtle nests from potential harm on the beach by safeguarding the hatchlings' paths down to water and beyond.

Protected Species

Blue Whales Cetaceans Dolphins Leatherback Sea Turtles Tuna
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