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Long Island Marine Management Area

Long Island in the Bahamas hosts a diversity of marine ecosystems ranging from mangroves and sea grasses to coral reefs and famous "blue holes" that serve as homes for many species of conch (spiny lobster), sponge, bird populations and more. The Long Island Marine Management Area also has seven Nassau grouper spawning aggregations, with the majority of research on this species being conducted off the shores of the island. Unfortunately, the Nassau grouper are endangered due to reef destruction. Luckily, the Ministry of Environment and Bahamas Protected Areas Fund has recently launched their next 10% of Marine Protected Areas designation, of which the Long Island Marine Management Area was included. Protecting these aggregations is integral to maintaining a stable population, and local scientists have hope that if the Bahamian government follows through with their plan, the nassau grouper population stands a chance of growing back to healthy levels one day.

Protected Species

Conch Coral Reefs Mangroves Nassau Grouper Seagrass Spiny Lobsters Sponges
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