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California Seamounts

California's seamounts span the state's offshore waters from Tanner and Cortes Banks in southern California to Gorda Ridges in the north, and host a spectacularly diverse variety of marine wildlife and habitats, as well as extraordinary geological features. Endangered sperm, fin and blue whales, angler fish, octopi and sea jellies and extremely long-lived deep-sea corals and sponges are just some of the species that rely upon these valuable habitats. Unfortunately, a significant amount of corals have been damaged by mining and fishing, and recovery time will likely take decades to centuries. Thankfully, organizations like The Surfrider Foundation have been dedicated to building momentum surrounding the establishment of a California Seamounts Marine Protected Area, a bill that has previously failed to pass. With hope, it will soon.

Protected Species

Angler Fish Blue Whales Deep-sea Coral Fin Whale Jellyfish Octopus Sperm Whale Sponges
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