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Vatika Bay

Vatika Bay in Greece boasts clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, iconic mountainous ridges, and a truly unique intersection of nature and culture. Marine species including whales and dolphins, loggerhead turtles, monk seals and fan clams exist near a spectacular underwater archeological site called Pavlopetri, a 5,000 year-old submerged lost city. Unfortunately, large commercial oil tankers and cargo ships anchoring in Vatika Bay have been polluting its waters and damaging the seafloor with anchors. Pavlopetri has been identified as a cultural heritage site at risk on the World Monuments Watch Site. Local conservation groups have been working to promote healthy and sustainable tourism practices that ensure the area suffers less damage moving forward and loggerhead turtles can utilize the area without impact from human activity.

Protected Species

Dolphins Fan Clam Loggerhead Turtles Monk Seal Whales
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