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Aliwal Shoal

Aliwal Shoal, situated off the coast of Umkomaas – a small coastal town on the subtropical south coast of KwaZulu-Natal – is a rocky reef resting atop an ancient fossilized shoreline. The reef lies along the inner edge of the tropical Agulhas Current, which brings with it an enormous variety of tropical species, including support various corals and other invertebrate species as well as reef fish, turtles and ragged-tooth, tiger, whale, black tip, bull, copper, hammerhead and great white sharks. The area is a hugely popular dive site, which in turn has caused it to suffer from damage. A small marine protected area manages activities in Aliwal Shoal with no-take zones and other restrictions, and several organizations are working to conserve the populations of tiger sharks who have faced dwindling numbers due to accidental bycatch.

Protected Species

Black Tip Shark Bull Shark Copper Shark Coral Reefs Great White Sharks Hammerhead Sharks Ragged Tooth Shark Reef Fish Sea Turtles Tiger Sharks Tuna Whale Sharks
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