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Atlantis Bank

Atlantis Bank is located off the southeastern coast of Madagascar and perhaps most well known for possessing remnants of an 11 million year old beach. This tectonic seamount on the southwest Indian Ridge is home to significant populations of pelagic armorhead (by far the largest population known in the area), as well as populations of large octocorals and sponges including the Venus basket sponge. Numerous shark species swim around the Atlantis Bank’s large, flat-topped seamount, which is located in subtropical waters in contrast to the Coral Seamount that lies in sub-Antarctic waters. This area has suffered from overfishing and bottom-trawling, but multiple areas of protection have been established throughout the Bank, offering hope of a healthier future.

Protected Species

Octocorals Pelagic Armorhead Sharks Venus Basket Sponge
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