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Northwest Passage

The harsh, frigid Northwest Passage is a sea route between the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and is known for being home to the largest narwhal congregation on Earth. Other species that call this treacherous icy passage home are a large population of beluga whales, bowhead whales, walrus, seals and more. Protection would ensure the survival of a vast majority of Arctic wildlife, including several million migratory birds of numerous species that congregate in the area at unprecedented levels. With rising water temperatures and melting sea ice, more and more ships are able to navigate these waters, putting cetaceans and walruses at risk. However, organizations like Oceans 5 support the Northwest Passage Arctic Marine Habitat Initiative that aims to establish a series of marine protected areas (MPAs) in the region.

Protected Species

Beluga Whales Bowhead Whales Narwhal Seals Walruses
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