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Inhambane Seascape

Characterised by crystal-clear waters, dazzling white sand beaches and great swathes of lush palms, Inhambane Province is a thriving, biodiverse coastal region in southern Mozambique. Before becoming a Hope Spot in January 2022, the region had already been named a Globally Outstanding marine conservation area by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and has also been tipped as a potential UNESCO World Heritage Site. The waters of this African coastal country are populated by a variety of rays, sharks, dugong and as many as five species of turtles, together with the critically endangered wedgefish. But rising pressures from both industrial and artisanal fishermen – particularly the use of gillnets, seine nets and fish traps – has caused damage and decline to the local coastline. Inhambane’s Mission Blue status acknowledges the work of Dr. Andrea Marshall, who has made it her life’s goal to protect what she describes as the “the marine Serengeti of Africa.” The co-founder of the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF) has been working with the government to formally protect 10% of Mozambique’s territorial waters by 2024 – a project which will now undoubtedly be aided by the new Hope Spot status of Inhambane Seascape.

Protected Species

Dugong Rays Sea Turtles Sharks
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