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Why charter a luxury yacht

A luxury yacht charter can be anything and everything you want it to be, but above all it is a unique opportunity to dream up the most exceptional holiday imaginable...

And then leave it to the professionals to make the dream come true. Whatever you want to see, whichever foods you want to savour, sports you want to try your hand at and at which beaches, historic buildings and fantastic boutiques you may want to visit, a superyacht charter can provide anything you desire.

Imagine... A hotel with a ratio of one staff to every guest; a restaurant where you pick up gourmet cuisine of your choice; a resort where you can have the company of your friends anytime for as long as you are there; a holiday tour that enables you to decide where to and when to go, at your own pace; or a luxury villa where you can relax undisturbed by outsiders... Welcome to the world of yachting with Camper & Nicholsons International. Picture the scene: you're sipping vintage claret as you cruise in seclusion along the Italian coastline, watching dolphins frolic in the waves and as you plan an early morning round of golf on one of the neighbouring courses... The world is your oyster from the decks of a superyacht and the possibilities are endless.

A yacht is the perfect platform for exploring the world. From diving in the Virgin Islands, to browsing the food markets of the Mediterranean, from learning pilates on the sandy beaches of the Caribbean to gazing at the Acropolis at sunset, a superyacht charter provides a passport to some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the world.

Your Camper & Nicholsons yacht charter broker can advise you on which yacht to choose that fulfills your yachting needs.

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