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Port Douglas

10 days Luxury Yacht Charter

Setting off from Port Douglas, these 10 days at sea is a chance to marvel at the world’s largest coral reef. Discover the flora and fauna of the Low Islands, the history of Cooktown and the shores of Lizard Island, home to, you guessed it, lizards of all sizes. With the widest selection of different reefs to visit and dive in, this itinerary can be finely tuned to your preferences.

Port Douglas to Low Islands
Day 1

Port Douglas, in tropical far north Queensland, is where your party will board the yacht. This
area is world renowned due to its close proximity to the world’s largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, reportedly one of the oldest rainforests in existence.
The yacht’s crew will be awaiting your arrival and welcome you aboard with canapes and light refreshments. You will then be given a guided tour of one of Australia’s most lavish superyachts and your home for the next 7 Days.
The yacht will depart from the picturesque marina and head into the Coral Sea for a short journey to our first destination – the Low Islands. These islands are located 8 NM North East of Port Douglas and they are a pristine Marine Sanctuary.
Made up of two islands, with an amazing reef system abundant with tropical fish and green sea turtles. The islands are perfect for a quick stroll, before snorkelling amongst the amazing coral garden. Back aboard the yacht a culinary experience awaits – incorporating a combination of the best quality fresh produce from Australian Oceans and paddocks.

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Low Islands to Undine Reef and St. Crispin Reef
Day 2

Gently awaken in this tropical paradise to a breakfast made of fresh tropical fruits. The yacht’s Captain will then weigh anchor and continue on to the north east and Undine Reef.  With a large white sand shoal and if the tide is high, the yacht’s crew will take you onto the sand to explore the shallow reef edges and snorkel in the safe protected waters. If you would like to try a spot of fishing the Captain will take you on a guided fishing adventure aboard the yacht. Fish species that can be caught are some of Australia’s prime table fish such as coral trout, red emperor and spanish mackerel. On return to the yacht, the chef will prepare your freshly caught catch for lunch or dinner – the only way to truly eat fresh fish, from reef to table in the same day! We will again weigh anchor and head east to the outer reef and to our night’s anchorage at St. Crispin Reef.
Once night falls, tiny bait fish school up at the yacht's underwater lights as larger fish circle in got an easy supper.

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St. Crispin Reef to Agincourt Reef and Ribbon Reef
Day 3

Your morning on the outer reef will be spent sailing a short distance to Agincourt Reef for a day’s diving and snorkelling.
Agincourt has over 10 world class dive sites on one reef system, ranging from advanced to beginner dives. Agincourt’s close proximity to the continental shelf ensures great visibility with an amazing array of corals and fish species including brain and boulder coral, big plates, grouper, coral trout, giant clams and green sea turtles.
Humpback whales are a common but breath-taking sight, and usually surface around July through to September near the Great Barrier Reef.
After a day’s diving we navigate further north to the Ribbon Reef system and our night anchorage at Ribbon #3.

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Ribbon Reef to Lizard Island
Day 4

The Ribbon Reef system stretches over 60 nm along the far north Queensland coast just in- shore from the continental shelf and is a world-renowned marlin fishing area. This reef is host to international anglers, hoping to catch giant marlin ever year. It’s also recognised as having many world class dive sites.
After breakfast the Captain can take you on a stunning dive not far from where the yacht is be anchored and circumnavigate two large bommies (large reef outcrops).
You’ll experience an amazing abundance of fish life, bottom structure and reef species that make you feel like you’re diving in your very own personal aquarium!
Back on board, enjoy yet another freshly prepared lunch before we set a northerly course to our next destination, Lizard Island.
The yacht’s crew can take you ahead on land, to explore, snorkel and fish the many reefs as we make our way north. You could also just relax on board for the afternoon and take in the sights of passing reefs and playful dolphins that frequent the yacht’s bow.

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Port Douglas - Lizard Island - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Lizard Island
Day 5

Lizard Island lays 110 nm north of Port Douglas in far north Queensland, Australia.
The south eastern wind ward side of the island is a great place to snorkel on calm days in safe sheltered waters with the reef edges abundant with fish and coral life. Watsons Bay, on the opposite side of the island, is a sheltered anchorage from the south easterly trade winds that frequent the area from April through to September. This is also home to some great diving with giant grouper, small reef sharks and coral gardens.
Day 5 can be spent enjoying the yacht’s many water-toys in the sheltered waters of Watsons Bay and exploring the many walks on the island including Cook’s Lookout. Walk or take our tender to the Blue Lagoon to snorkel, swim or laze on the white sandy beach for the afternoon with a beach hamper and refreshments prepared by the Chef.
Sunset drinks at Lizard Islands’ “Marlin Bar” is a must whilst visiting the area, before returning to a lavishly prepared gastronomic experience aboard the yacht.

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Port Douglas - Lizard Island & the Cod Hole - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Lizard Island & the Cod Hole
Day 6

The Cod Hole at Ribbon Reef #10, just 10nm from Lizard Island, is a must do dive, with a large school of friendly giant potato cod that are always happy to keep you company on the dive. Great photo opportunities are sure to arise with the friendly giants, always happy to get in close for a photo together with large maori wrasse, red bass, emperor and many other species.
In the afternoon we return to Lizard Island and the shelter of Watsons Bay anchorage.
As the sun sets, large Queensland grouper and small reef sharks will gather for your entertainment in the underwater lights with darting giant trevally on show, all hoping for a stray fish carcass to come their way.

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Lizard Island to Cooktown
Day 7

In the early morning the yacht will weigh anchor and head South to the historic port of Cooktown. This is where Captain James Cook repaired his ship Endeavor after running aground on its name sake Endeavor Reef in 1770. Cook Town is a laid-back town of only 2,000 locals.
Our tender can take you ashore to explore the streets and surrounding areas of Cooktown along with the James Cook Museum. A half hour drive from Cooktown, lies Isabella Falls a beautiful cool freshwater swimming hole just waiting to be swam in.
Lunch or a quick beer at THE iconic Australian pub “The Lions Den Hotel” a landmark hotel made of tin and timber and established back in 1875, a real piece of Australiana!
A sight-seeing trip to the Grassy Hill is an absolute must. With the Coral Sea stretching to the north, east and south with reefs dotting the horizon and the Endeavor River running inland.
At sunset, take the tender inland on the Endeavor River, and see if you can spot any of the local river’s fauna such as saltwater crocs or even catch a barramundi for dinner.

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Cooktown to Hope Island
Day 8

As the sun rises, the yacht sails a short distance south to Hope Island, a beautiful little island surrounded by stunning reefs, a great little beach and picnic area. The yacht’s crew will have water toys waiting on the beach while the Chef organises a beach side lunch under the fig and coconut trees ashore.
The afternoon can be spent either lazing on the top deck or a spot of fishing or even going for a dive with the Captain.
Before the dinner enjoy sumptuous sundowner cocktails on the bow and an evening relaxing on this beautiful superyacht.

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Port Douglas - Hope Island to Snapper Island, Daintree River and Low Islands - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Hope Island to Snapper Island, Daintree River and Low Islands
Day 9

Snapper Island and the Daintree River are today’s destinations. The yacht will anchor in the morning off Snapper Island at the entrance to the Daintree River.
The yacht’s crew will take you up the Daintree River and drop you off at the top tourist guide centre for an exclusive eco tour of this amazing river system. You’ll cruise through the oldest rainforest on the planet and learn about crocodile handling, snake handling and exotic fruit tasting.
On your return to the yacht, we will weigh anchor and return to the Low Islands for our final night’s anchorage.
After sundowner cocktails the Chef will prepare an authentic Aussie BBQ with top cuts of meat and the freshest seafood available.

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Port Douglas - Low Islands to Port Douglas - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Low Islands to Port Douglas
Day 10 departure

The morning can be spent strolling or snorkelling around the Low Islands, why not try a stand-up paddle board or kayak to shore.
If the weather is favourable the Captain will take you east to a great dive site he knows, maybe a chance to catch a painted lobster for lunch. Back on board, lunch will be prepared and served as the yacht slides back to port and brings an end to our adventure for now… Until next time.

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