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10 days Luxury Yacht Charter Experience

The Exumas are reknowned for their sapphire blue waters, waters so stunning, their brilliant colours are visible even from outer space. This chain of 365 islands is home to secluded footprint-free beaches, deserted cays, and ultra-exclusive resorts. Here, nature outnumbers man, coastlines remain flawless, and private islands play host to some of the world's famous stars.
DAY 1 :
Upon your arrival into Nassau, the yacht will be docked in the ultra-private Lyford Cay Yacht Club. The journey from the airport to the yacht is less than 15 minutes.
If all guests are on board and with enough daylight left in the day, the yacht may head out in the afternoon for an anchorage off Spanish Wells, Eleuthera Island.
Depending on time of arrival for all your guests, there can be an early morning departure  for Harbor Island. Travel time from Lyford Cay to Harbor Island is six hours. Entrance from sea into Harbor Island is through the Devils Backbone channel. Viewing this passage from the sundeck is a photo opportunity of a lifetime!
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DAY 2 :
Harbor Island
Spend the day at Harbor Island, home to the world-famous pink sand beaches and Valentines Resort and Marina.
Harbor Island is one the best islands in the Bahamas for activities ashore as well as out on the water. There is a thriving local scene with a few dining restaurants ashore, and a couple of small boutiques.
The sound splits Harbor Island from the mainland of Eleuthera Island is perfect for water sports on most days due to the surrounding protection from the islands that encircle the bay. On the north end of the sound there is great snorkeling to be found, and some great smaller islands to explore.
On the eastern shores of Harbor Island are the pink sand beaches. A must-see when visiting Harbor Island! Golf carts are the most common form of transportation around the island.
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DAY 3 :
Staniel Cay
After a morning breakfast and a stroll around Dunmore Town, the yacht will lift anchor for a full day passage around the eastern shore of Eleuthera and onto the Exuma chain of islands.
The main anchorage in the Exumas is Big Major Spot, or more commonly known as the adjoining island to Staniel Cay. Here is the Thunderball Grotto, made famous in the James Bond movie Thunderball. This is a snorkeler’s heaven. You can actually swim inside the island as the entire island is hollow within.
Once you have finished your snorkel expedition of Thunderball, the yacht will pay a visit to Staniel Cay Yacht Club. This yacht club is a cruising sailors’ favourite port of call in the Bahamas. If you spend any length of time in the Bahamas, you will eventually pass through Staniel Cay. Great burgers at the yacht club, with some really neat photos from days gone past spread around the walls of the club. Think of Sean Connery.
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DAY 4 :
Sampson Cay & Compass Cay
The day will be spent at anchor off Big Major Spot, with all the water toys ready for an active day of fun in the sun. The tender will take everyone on a cruise around the central part of the Exuma chain, paying visits to Sampson Cay and Compass Cay.  
Sampson has one of the best lagoons tucked away on her eastern shore, which is great for jet skis, and at Compass Cay Marina you will have the opportunity to feed the nurse sharks.
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DAY 5 :
Hawksbill Cay
After an early morning swim, the yacht will pull anchor for passage up the Exuma chain to the Exuma Land and Sea Park, anchoring off Hawksbill Cay for the day.
This group of islands is home to the Land and Sea Park headquarters on Warderick Wells Island. This is a great island to hike ashore for the view from atop of Boo Boo Hill. Most yachts paint the yacht’s name on a piece of driftwood to contribute to a monumental pile, something to prove that they took the time and effort to hike up to one of the highest points in all of the Bahama!
Hawksbill Cay offers one of the finest and longest beaches to be found in the Bahamas. This is great place to set up a lunch on the beach.
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DAY 6 :
Shroud Cay & Normans Cay
The day will be spent at anchor off Hawksbill. The deck crew will set up the water toys early in the morning for a full day of watersports, and in the afternoon the tender can take everyone for a cruise up to Shroud Cay and Normans Cay.
On Shroud Cay there are small creeks that can be crossed with a small tender. On the northern end of Shroud is Camp Driftwood, another “must-see” hike through a man-made trail with an absolutly fabulous vantage point of the Exuma chain of islands.
Even If you've never heard of the Exuma Islands, you’ve probably heard of (or about) Normans Cay. Normans Cay was taken over by the Colombian drug cartel in the late 70’s for the use of one of the longest airplane runways in the Bahamas. The whole affair was made into a movie starring Johnny Depp. Ashore on Normans today, you will find a few structures still-standing that are riddled with bullet holes on the southern end of the island. There are also the remnants of a DC-9 airplane lying in about four feet of water in the back basin lagoon that didn’t quite make the runway………  
There is a great little beach club on the western shore known as MacDuff’s. Great place to sit and soak up the sunset with a cold beverage from the club.
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DAY 7 :
Highborne Cay
After a morning plunge to start the day, the yacht will lift anchor and make for Highborne Cay.
Highborne is a private island but does have a dining restaurant and a small boutique ashore at the marina. There is a heart shaped “Lovers” beach on the most northern end of the island, and great snorkeling on the north end as well.
Great anchorage to watch an evening movie on the sun deck under the stars!
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DAY 8 :
Allens Cay
The deck crew will deploy the toys in the morning while the guests enjoy breakfast.
If any guests are interested in fishing, the eastern shore of Highborne Cay has some of the best trolling grounds for Mahi Mahi and smaller yellow tuna in the Bahamas. The best time to catch the bite is right at sunrise, so it is an early bird that catches the FISH!
The tender can take everyone to Allens Cay in the afternoon to feed the prehistoric-age iguanas. Beach combing for shells on the beaches of Over Yonder Cay is always a shell collectors’ treasure!
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Today, head back towards Nassau in the early morning, anchoring off either Albany Resort or Atlantis if some of your guest would like to try their luck in the casino for the last night on board.
So many options and they are all great!
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DAY 10 :
After a morning swim, we will head off for Lyford Cay Yacht Club for the guests' departure and easy access to the airport on New Providence.
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