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13 days Luxury Yacht Charter Experience

Once mistaken as the Garden of Eden, the Seychelles are simply paradise

The islands of the Seychelles offer countless natural delights, and the tuneful tropical birds, colourful corals and clear waters are guaranteed to leave visitors utterly enchanted


Cruising in the Seychelles is a spectacular experience; the glorious, lush, idyllic paradise shown in travel brochures is only half the truth. In reality, it is twice as fabulous, and more when seen by yacht. Apart from the stunningly pristine beaches and excellent snorkelling, the islands boast many ecological highlights.
There are several World Heritage Parks and numerous nature reserves. Due to the inaccessibility of some of these, arriving by yacht usually means having the entire place to oneself and the bonus of a private tour with the wardens.
The Seychelles is one of the few places in the world that has no real natural hazards or dangers. The islands lie outside the cyclone and hurricane belt, resulting in a climate which is mild, hot, and humid all year round.
The Seychelles enjoy a high standard of living and they are heaven on earth for those who love outdoor water-orientated pursuits. Favourite activities on charters include snorkelling - the reefs on the Seychelles offer some of the most varied and spectacular snorkelling and diving in the world. There are coral gardens, coral walls and chimney dives, but the real splendour is the quality of the reefs and fish. Many of the species of fish are uncatalogued and it is a common occurrence to see turtles and manta rays. There are quiet bays where water skiing and surfing can be enjoyed and some of the world's finest seabird colonies, including eleven unique species of land birds only found in the granite islands, can be observed.

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Mahé is the capital island and home to the town of Victoria. Here you will find great diving and some stunningly picturesque beaches. Spa visits can be arranged at the Four Seasons Resort or the 5-Star Constance Ephelia.
Cruise to the bay of Beau Vallon on the north western coast of the island, the most popular beach and a base for diving and snorkelling due to its clear waters and coral reefs.

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Seychelles - LA DIGUE - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Visit La Digue, an island of timeless quality and stunning beaches, especially Coco Beach, which is a great spot to enjoy a barbecue in total seclusion. There are many bird sanctuaries where you can hear all the exotic birds that surround you.
La Digue is basic but this island has a uniquely relaxed charm. 

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Seychelles - PRASLIN - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
DAY 4 & 5

Home of the famous Coco de Mer Sanctuary and the Seychelles’ only 18 hole golf course (which is internationally renowned) at ‘Constance Lemuria Resort’.
Praslin is one of the world’s best kept secrets and ranks amongst the purest destinations. So pure in fact, that the island was once thought to be the Garden of Eden.
Wander along the soft pink coral beach or snorkel amongst the large granite boulders scattered along the shoreline.

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Seychelles - CURIEUSE - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Just a mile across from Praslin, visit the National Parks which are home to the world famous giant tortoises.
Cut grass beneath the coconut trees bordered by huge granite blocks, gives this whole area a real feeling of individuality.

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Seychelles - THE SISTERS - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Five miles from Praslin and Curieuse lie the beautiful Sisters’ islands (i.e. Les Soeurs: Petite Soeur and Grand Soeur) with their idyllic anchorages.  
Relax here and enjoy the views from your yacht.

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Seychelles - ARIDE - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

12 miles from The Sisters, Aride is a bird sanctuary where birds stop on their north to south migrations. There are numerous areas where you can see birds nesting, and many are so tame that you can go right up to within six inches of them. Tracks are found in the sand where turtles come up and lay their eggs and the view down from the cliffs looking northward is fantastic with the frigate and tropical birds flying overhead.

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Seychelles - COUSIN AND COUSINE ISLANDS - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Eight miles from Aride Island lie two beautiful islands with stunning deserted beaches, Cousin and
Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and maintaining a balmy temperature year-round, these granitic islands are a haven for unique, rare and endangered flora and fauna, and both are nature reserves promoting and protecting the local environment ensuring that the habitats favoured by rare species are left intact.
In 1992, Cousine Island was purchased by an individual who made a conscious decision to return the island to its natural state. This conservation work has involved the identification and removal of non-native vegetation, including a coconut plantation, and replacing alien species with native plants.
In addition, work has been done to restore the habitats of many native species, including the critically-endangered Hawksbill turtles.

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Seychelles - SILHOUETTE - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
DAY 10

Silhouette is another stunning marine park offering amazing views over to Mahé island.
The beautiful and mountainous island of Silhouette is the third largest in the Seychelles archipelago with Mount Dubon reaching a height of 780m. It is now the location of the fabulous Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa.
Just 19 miles from Mahé, Silhouette Island’s rainforest-clad slopes give way to pristine white sand beaches with huge granite boulders. Here you will find an abundance of fauna and flora, including many rare species. With so many indigenous plants and animals, Silhouette Island has now been designated a Seychelles National Park. Wonderful walks abound, and expert help is available with guided walks offered by the resident naturalist at Labriz Seychelles. Encircled by a coral reef, Silhouette is also a Marine National Park, making it ideal for snorkelling as well as diving.

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DAY 11 TO 13

The outer islands, situated beyond the Seychelles plateau, are called Alphonse, St Joseph and Desroches.
They comprise 72 low lying sand cays and atolls lying anywhere between 230km and 1150km from Mahé. Less visited than their granite cousins due to their relative remoteness, these pristine miniature worlds, some little more than sand spits or lonely rocky outcrops, offer untouched habitats for many species of wildlife.
Discovered by Vasco de Gama, they offer biodiversity with some of the world’s best fishing and fly fishing in their beautiful lagoons.

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DAY 13

Return to Mahé to disembark.

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