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Southeast Asia
Luxury Yacht Charter Destination

Southeast Asia offers much to be seen and enjoyed both above and below the ocean’s surface when visiting on a yacht charter. The area’s scuba diving is internationally acclaimed, boasting abundant marine life and varied dive sites, and on shore the welcoming culture, dramatic waterfalls and pristine sandy beaches create a tropical paradise.

Encompassing the Andaman Islands, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam, Southeast Asia’s diverse mix of cultural heritage and religions has resulted in some stunningly beautiful and interesting architecture to be seen ashore, with ancient temples standing alongside great feats of modern engineering, and a coastline that remains dotted with traditional villages with buildings intricately carved from wood and adorned with local textiles.

In Thailand, visitors will find white sand beaches and luxurious island escapes, with several notable hotel and spa chains running sophisticated establishments here.  The popular tourist destinations of Phuket and Koh Samui still offer a few secluded corners and the smaller, palm tree-studded islands are generally quiet, as many can only be reached by local boat transfer.

Starting a charter from Singapore offers a completely different take on the area, and a chance to explore this global financial centre, now one of the most prominent cities in the world.  Yacht lovers may wish to consider visiting in April, when Singapore plays host to Asia’s premier yacht show.

Travelling south from Singapore, one quickly reaches the coast of South Sumatra, known for its tropical terrain and smouldering volcanes.  The coast is largely agricultural and the eastern lowlands are defined by the river system, but venture in land to discover jungles that are home to orang-utans, tigers, rhinos and elephants.  South Sumatra shares a common Malay ancestry and influence with the Riau and Jambi provinces due to its proximity to the Strait of Melaka and the busy shipping lane.

The Indonesian region of Southeast Asia features seven main geographical areas within it.  Sumatra is to the west, with its off lying island groups of Riau and Bangka Belitung, and the central provinces include Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi and the Lesser Sunda Islands.  Stretching to the east are the Maluku islands and the coast of Western New Guinea and Papua.

The Raja Ampat archipelago, lying to the north west of West Papua, is one of South East Asia’s most appealing charter destinations.  Comprising hundreds of jungle-covered islands, Raja Ampat is known for its beaches and coral reefs rich with marine life. Notable islands of Raja Ampat include Sorong, where pods of dolphins and occasionally migrating whales can be seen.  Waigeo - the largest of Raja Ampat’s four main islands and home to the remarkable Red Bird of Paradise, and Misool, with its magical Blue Water Mangroves – ideal for leisurely kayaking through or you could even take to a stand-up paddle board in these calm waters.

For scuba divers, Indonesia is the adventure of a lifetime.  75% of the world’s coral species can be found in Raja Ampat and semi-submerged limestone caves host fascinating underwater life.  At the protected marine park of Kri Island, divers have been known to see over 350 different species of fish on a single tank dive.  Those looking for encounters on a larger scale won’t be disappointed either, with giant manta ray, giant grouper, turtles and black tip sharks all regularly sighted at the island of Panun.

An undeniable highlight of a yacht charter in Indonesia is the untouched wonder of the Komodo National Park.  A World Heritage site situated in the straits between Sumba and Flores, the islands here have evolved some unique wildlife, owed to their incredible geology, such as the famous Komodo dragons and crab-eating macaques.  The result is a blissful utopia that is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Southeast Asia is best visited between January and March or between June and September.  The region straddles the Equator so it’s hot and humid all year round, but these periods have the least rainfall.

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