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Luxury Yacht Charter Destination

Singapore is a wonderfully exotic mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cultures whose capital city provides a brilliant, ultra-modern canvas on which this rich social blend is painted. Its strategic location, with easy access to world-class cruising grounds on its doorstep – such as Indonesia and Thailand – perfectly positions Singapore as the hub for all superyachting needs in the region.

Sparklingly clean and full of opportunity and adventure of every type imaginable, every aspect of this delightful city-state is deliciously inviting and completely unforgettable. Singapore is one of the most phenomenal places for a luxury yacht adventure in South East Asia and has become the superyacht hub of an increasingly popular Asia charter industry. 

Known for its cultural diversity and exceptional cuisine in the form of Michelin starred restaurants and tasty street food, it fuses influences from China, India and Malaysia with modern Western cuisine. 

Singapore Island is surrounded by a great number of islets and forms a perfect destination for cruising holidays and can accommodate all different desires.  

Home to world class events such as Formula One’s only night race, the Singapore Grand Prix and the annual Singapore Yacht Show since 2011, Singapore yacht itineraries can include a wide range of activities and attractions. 

Dubbed as the Garden City of Asia, Singapore boasts lush green forests and pristine parks including the new ‘Gardens by the Bay’, as well as some beautiful beaches and of course its famously clean streets lined with chic boutiques, hotels, bars and some of the most iconic architecture in the world.

The concrete jungles that once dominated Singapore’s skyline are slowly giving way to green skyscrapers, which look more like living ecosystems than business hubs. Fervently working towards its ‘City in a Garden’ dream, the nation is ploughing money into becoming more sustainable and, most importantly, green. 

Head off the yacht and then out of town a little and you’ll find plenty of walking trails, treetop jungle bridges, wildlife galore and the city's green jewel, the Unesco World Heritage–listed Singapore Botanic Gardens: the lungs of Singapore.

Singapore’s onshore marine facilities are some of the best to be found anywhere in the world, including the award-winning One°15 Marina where the Singapore Yacht Show is held and the Marina at Keppel Bay which offers 300,000sq ft of berths to accommodate larger charter yachts, and these are matched with a first-world city-living infrastructure that adds to Singapore’s appeal as one of the newest and brightest superyacht hubs.

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