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Indonesia Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht Charter Destination

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago and has more than 17,000 islands to its name, many of which are uninhabited, making it an attractive destination for yachting nomads looking to explore some of the best kept secrets on the planet. The country offers 80,000km of coastline, with immaculate white-sand beaches and crystalline waters. Its charms include breathtaking temples, serene rice fields, tropical rainforests, unforgettable diving and exotic wildlife such as elephants, orangutans and tigers. There is no better way to discover the secrets of Indonesia than on a yacht charter.

The country enjoys a warm, tropical climate year-round and because the islands sprawl across the equator for more than 5,000km, the wet season can vary depending on where you are, making yacht charters a year-round opportunity.

The ports within Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, are no stranger to superyachts and are more than accommodating. When visiting this cosmopolitan yet cultural city by yacht, you will find it has something for everyone, including first-class gastronomy, intriguing museums, state-of-the-art shopping centres and an antique market.

Cruising on to the vibrant Bali, the most illustrious of the Indonesian islands and referred to as ‘Island of Gods’, you will be greeted by a devoted Hindu culture and historic traditions, incredible art and sculpture, luxury beach clubs and legendary shopping opportunities. Journey on to Bintan Island, which radiates an air of exclusivity and features luxury resorts and championship golf courses – perfect for the superyacht crowd. And finally, the tempting trio of the Gili islands should also feature on any charter itinerary, owing to their bewitching beaches and first-class spas.

Many luxury travellers visit Indonesia for its spiritual and yoga retreats, romantic escapes and party extravaganza, while a yacht charter through the Indonesian waters allows for an unparalleled experience. Explore the compelling treasures of these islands at your own pace. Whether it be coming face-to-face with a Komodo dragon, the largest lizard in the world, or perhaps seeing a small volcano actively erupting when travelling by Rakata Island. When it comes to jungle and marine life, the Raja Ampat complex is where you will discover the best adventures. Encompassing more than 600 islands, allow your mind to be blown by the jungle-covered islands with their pristine beaches, coral reefs, ancient rock paintings, caves and marine life. There is even the opportunity to swim with whale sharks. Misool Island comes top of the list as an exclusive dive resort and conservation centre.

The list of destinations one can discover and should visit on a yacht charter in Indonesia is never-ending. Some less touristy highlights include the Bangka Belitung Province, where the famed colonial Dutch-built lighthouse can be found on Lengkuas Island. This region is also home to large granite rock formations and vibrantly coloured fish. Surfing fanatics should head to East Java, one of the best surfing locations in the world, or head to Karimun Java, a place that can only be accessed by boat and feels like one of the best hidden treasures of Indonesia.

Due to the regulations in place to keep the country’s waters unspoiled, there is a limit on the number of yachts permitted to charter in these seas. Cruising the Indonesian islands by yacht is, without a doubt, one of the most exclusive experiences on the planet.

Yachts for Charter in Indonesia

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LAMIMA Luxury Sailing Yacht for Charter | C&N
65.20m | Haji Baso | 2014
7 Cabins | 14 Guests | 20 Crew

From: US$ 175,000 p/w

AQUA BLU Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
60.35m | Brooke Marine | 1968 (2019)
15 Cabins | 30 Guests | 30 Crew

From: US$ 329,000 p/w

DREAM Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
60.00m | Abeking & Rasmussen | 2001 (2023)
7 Cabins | 12 Guests | 15 Crew

From: US$ 430,000 p/w

VELA Luxury Sailing Yacht for Charter | C&N
50.00m | Pak Haji Abdullah | 2022
6 Cabins | 14 Guests | 18 Crew

From: US$ 105,000 p/w

THE MAJ OCEANIC Luxury Sailing Yacht for Charter | C&N
47.00m | Custom | 2020
7 Cabins | 12 Guests | 16 Crew

From: US$ 70,000 p/w

SEQUOIA Luxury Sailing Yacht for Charter | C&N
26.30m | Saleh and D.E.N | 2017 (2022)
3 Cabins | 6 Guests | 12 Crew

From: US$ 87,500 p/w

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