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Athens to Corfu, Ionian
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Athens to Corfu, Ionian
10 days Luxury Yacht Charter Experience

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Cruise from Athens to Corfu, taking in the Ionian Islands along the way.

The Ionian islands offer many secluded bays and anchorages, and the pretty harbour towns are filled with family-owned taverns serving fresh, traditional local cuisine.

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Athens to Corfu, Ionian

10 days Luxury Yacht Charter Experience: Cruise from Athens to Corfu, taking in the Ionian Islands along the way.

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The Ionian islands offer many secluded bays and anchorages, and the pretty harbour towns are filled with family-owned taverns serving fresh, traditional local cuisine.

Athens to Corfu, Ionian - Athens - Aegina - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Athens - Aegina

Day 1

According to the myth, the island took its name from a nymph, daughter of the river god Asopos, whom Zeus fell in love with and took with him to the island. Even though the island is very small, it boasts a great number of sights and natural beauties, highlight of which is the famous Aphea Temple.

Athens to Corfu, Ionian - Aegina - Galaxidi - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Aegina - Galaxidi

Day 2

Cross through the Corinth canal, which unites the Saronic Bay with the Bay of Corinth - an experience in itself, and arrive at Galaxidi. Galaxidi, a clean and pleasant town, is picturesquely situated on a small wooded bay with a fine view of Parnassos. As well as the inspiring natural beauty that surrounds the city, and the crystal blue waters, it is a city with many places of interest such as the church of Agios Nikolaos.

Athens to Corfu, Ionian - Galaxidi - Zakynthos - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Galaxidi - Zakynthos

Day 3

Zakynthos, or Zante, is among the most beautiful and popular islands of the Ionian sea. Located south of Kefalonia, it is world famous for its crystal beaches and intense nightlife. The most famous beach on the island is the wonderful Navagio (shipwreck) beach, a secluded cove with white sand and turquoise waters. This cove can only be reached by boat and has a shipwreck on its shore. Further nice beaches can found on the southern side of Zakynthos island and include Gerakas, Vassilikos and Spiantza. In summer, the beaches of Zakynthos, due to their clean water and the soft sand, become breeding places for the endangered caretta-caretta sea turtle.

Athens to Corfu, Ionian - Zakynthos - Kefalonia - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Zakynthos - Kefalonia

Day 4

Fiscardo is a picturesque and beautiful Greek harbour village on the Northern tip of Kefalonia, largest of the seven Ionian islands. Of the approximate 365 villages on this large and diverse island, Fiscardo is unique in that it was left virtually undamaged during the great earthquake of 1953, that ruined most of the historic buildings on Kefalonia. Walkers and nature lovers will find a beautiful landscape with interesting trails to follow. In addition to the famous Myrtos beach, Kefalonia can boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. In the south of the island the beaches are generally sandy, whilst towards the north, the beaches and coves are of the pebbly variety. Sami is one of Kefalonia's busiest ports situated on the East coast of Kefalonia. It is blessed with incredible views out to sea and some of Kefalonia's most impressive and inspiring scenery.

Athens to Corfu, Ionian - Kefalonia - Ithaki - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Kefalonia - Ithaki

Day 5

Cruise to Homer’s Ithaca. Explore a landscape that resonates with ancient folklore: the
cave of the Nymphs and the palace of Odysseus. In the early evening go ashore to the
tavernas that line the ports.

Athens to Corfu, Ionian - Ithaki - Meganisi - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Ithaki - Meganisi

Day 6

Meganisi is a small island with lush greenery and blue green waters. The island has plenty to offer, with lots of sandy beaches to bask on, sleepy whitewashed villages, such as Katomeri or Spartochori to wander around and lots of paths to help you explore in the centre of the island. 

Athens to Corfu, Ionian - Meganisi - Lefkada - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Meganisi - Lefkada

Day 7

Lefkada (also known as Lefkas) is a mountainous island, covered with dense vegetation to the east and south. Its eastern coast slopes gently down to the sea, which is sheltered from the wind and dotted with thickly wooded islets. The most famous of these are Skorpios, Madouri and Sparti. In contrast, the west coast is steep, with a few stunted pine trees and lined with spectacular stretches of endless golden beach.

Athens to Corfu, Ionian - Antipaxos and Paxos - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Antipaxos and Paxos

Day 8&9

The tiny island of Antipaxos is a quiet and remote paradise with attractive beaches such as Vrika and Voutoumi, famous for their transparent waters and breathtaking settings, that offer excellent swimming and snorkelling. One mile north of Antipaxos lies Paxos, a small island also famous for its wonderful beaches and an exotic blue sea. The capital town Gaios is positioned around the natural harbour and is where most of the cultural and trade activities on the island take place. The village has many picturesque 19th century buildings and these can be seen from the port between the narrow alleyways.

Athens to Corfu, Ionian - Corfu - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N


Day 10

Head to the north- east coast of Corfu and enjoy a day anchoring in the beautiful bays of the area. Step ashore for lunch in one of Agni’s sleepy beach side tavernas. Spend the last night of your charter
anchored near Corfu Town.

Athens to Corfu, Ionian - Corfu Town - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Corfu Town

Day 11


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Athens to Corfu, Ionian
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For families and friends embark upon an island-hopping adventure. Start with an immersive experience of Athens and dinner at the home of a prominent Greek family. Then from the comfort of your own yacht explore some of the lesser known islands with activities, experiences and dining all planned for you along the route. Spend a day with a marine biologist to find out how the underwater environment is protected and conserved.

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