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The Cyclades, Athens to Athens

The Cyclades, Athens to Athens

7 days Luxury Yacht Charter Experience

Discover the ancient wonders of the Greek Cyclades on a charter between the islands

These islands include some of Greece 's most famous, such as Mykonos and Santorini, as well as holding some of Greece 's best-kept secrets. From luxury beach clubs to ancient temples, the Greeks have it covered.
Embark in Athens and make yourself at home as the yacht makes its passage to Kea, a small and hilly island of the Cyclades with two valleys leading to sandy beaches.
The island has been inhabited as early as the Bronze Age and the main village is strategically positioned with the best vantage point up on the hill.
There are several charming villages along the coast.
The only downside to visiting Kea is that you may not want to leave!
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The Cyclades, Athens to Athens - SYROS - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

The Greek island of Syros boasts many natural charms, created by the unspoiled landscape. Its authentic, traditional villages are a delight to explore and its wonderful capital, Ermoupoli, which
harmoniously combines ancient Greece with western Europe, is the capital of all the Cyclades.
Ermoupoli features Venetian and neoclassical buildings around its large port and is often described as an open-air museum of architecture.

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The Cyclades, Athens to Athens - MYKONOS - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

During recent decades Mykonos has become one of the most popular tourist resorts of the Cyclades.
The island combines remote sandy beaches with a bustling port, superb traditional architecture and a famous nightlife. If you are visiting in spring or late summer, many quiet corners away from the
tourists can still be found and often you will find you are the only people wandering through the maze of lanes flanked on both sides by international designer boutiques.
Over 350 white-washed chapels adorn the hillsides and the vicinity of Delos, with its unique remnants of the past, is a main archaeological attraction.
The island has a rich nautical tradition and even now, old Aegean caiques - for fishing or trading - can be seen in the port.

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The Cyclades, Athens to Athens - PAROS - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

A trip to Mykonos isn’t complete without a lunch at the famous Nammos Beach Club. When you have satisfied your hunger and quenched your thirst, the tender will collect you from the private jetty so you can rejoin the yacht before moving on to Paros.
Paros is dominated by a mountain and surrounded by coastal plains. Parikia, the capital of Paros, is a beautiful Cycladic village with whitewashed cubic houses and impressive neoclassical mansions.
There are several archaeological sites on the island, including a Venetian castle, half of which is underwater. A visit to the monastery of the ‘100 Gates’ is recommended - so far only 99 have been
found, and visitors are encouraged to try and locate the 100th! The waters around Paros are crystal clear and are a great place for swimming as well as offering many great sites for scuba diving.

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The Cyclades, Athens to Athens - SANTORINI - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Santorini sits around the rim of a long-since extinct volcano, and has steep cliffs to one side with a fertile, coastal plain covered with vineyards on the other.
The island is rich in history and has several picturesque villages. The traditional settlement at Oia make this island one of the most interesting and beautiful, not only in the Aegean but of all the
Santorini is famous for its sunsets and there many bars and restaurants on the caldera offering a front-row seat from their terraces overlooking the sea.

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The Cyclades, Athens to Athens - SIKINOS - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

A small island located at the southern part of the Cyclades and close to Santorini, Sikinos is an excellent choice for those who wish to relax, escape the crowds and get closer to nature.
With many
sightseeing options and natural attractions on offer, enjoy the island’s peaceful tranquility and
marvellous beaches. There are great sightseeing spots, picturesque settlements, scenic pathways and
monuments as well as much to see and enjoy on this hidden gem of an island.

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Serifos is a mountainous island between Kythonos and Sifnos, sustained by limited iron ore mining and the cultivation of two fertile valleys.
Chora, the main town, is built on a hill overlooking the harbour and presents a truly charming picture when viewed from afar, with its bright white houses, serpentine paths winding their way up from the harbour, narrow alleyways with paving stones outlined in whitewash and the ruins of a Venetian castle.
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Athens, a city with one of the most glorious histories in the world, once worshipped by gods and people, still retains its ancient magic. The enchanting capital of Greece was the birthplace for modern civilization and is where democracy was born. Home to many of the famed wise men of ancient times, the city flourished in the ancient world and held strong through some of the world’s most formidable edifices.
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