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Turkey is a land of truly timeless appeal. The Lycian and Carian coasts of Turkey offer visitors a vast array of sights, flavours and staggeringly clear blue seas. From deeply forested hills to luxurious sandy bays with turquoise waters; from pine-clad islands to vibrant, multi-coloured harbour towns, you shall discover less-travelled waters and quiet, relaxed anchorages in this corner of the Mediterranean.

Most luxury yacht charters in Turkey take place along the south-western coast, cruising between the Turkish cities of Bodrum and Göcek. For those keen to cruise onwards, head to Fethiye to explore the land to the east of Göcek, where the ports are more exclusive and often only accessible by boat. Throughout this region, you will find an enchanting combination of modern life and historic ruins, with plenty for everyone to get involved in, from shopping and haggling in the bazaars to kayaking and swimming around the remains of Cleopatra’s baths.

Being uniquely situated at a cultural and geographical meeting point, Turkey benefits from the rich bounties of both European and Asian influences. This is a country with the calm disposition of the Mediterranean and the staggering architecture of its Islamic roots. The country’s history and architecture boast traits of influence from the Byzantine, Ottoman, Roman and Persian empires, while its glorious cuisine borrows flavours from Greek, Asian, Iranian, Middle Eastern and Balkan. 

A typical day on a luxury superyacht in Turkey combines an abundance of land and water activities. Look carefully and you wiill find stone tombs carved intricately into cliff faces, hilltop villages and ancient ruins – relics of the mighty empires once in charge – nestled amongst the vegetation. Passages between the islands can be short, enabling plenty of island-hopping opportunities and lazy afternoons for exploring villages and towns. And if this all gets too much, you can climb aboard and soak it all in from the peace and tranquillity of your private yacht.

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