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Cesme Marina, Turkey

6 days luxury yacht charter experience

A chic and vibrant port village set in a natural harbour.

Izmir's charming region of Cesme is at the south-western end of the Karaburun Peninsula. With its wide attractive beach, it is Izmir's number one summer resort.

The Ilica Bay, Big Harbour, Pasha Harbour, Sifne Bay, Cesmealti, Sifne Mineral Springs and the Cesme Hot Springs continue to prove very popular as tourist centres.
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Cesme Marina has been designed to be a unique holiday destination in its own right. The new development blends harmoniously with the traditional flavours and styles of this ancient and strategic Mediterranean port.

The historic bazaar and Ottoman Castle of Cesme are worth visiting. The beautiful shoreside village is lined with chic cafes and restaurants for fine dining and relaxation. There is also a modern retail complex which includes marine fashion retail outlets, designer boutiques and a chandlery.
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Cesme Marina, Turkey - AYA YORGI - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Cruise north along the peaceful coastline and drop anchor off the small bay of Aya Yorgi, a popular destination on the peninsula.

Still named in Greek, Aya Yorgi has become a favourite spot for Cesme nightlife as well as the host for the hottest beach clubs providing live entertainment.
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Cesme Marina, Turkey - ILICA BEACH - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Depart for Ilica Beach, a two km stretch of white sand and blue water, whose name makes reference to its famed thermal springs, some of which are in the sea.

As the thermal waters come out of the seabed, mixed with the sea water close to the Ilica Beach and adding in minerals, swimming here is ideal for the skin.

The nearby mud baths are also a plus, as well as the possibility for windsurfing due to the perfect wind conditions.
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Cesme Marina, Turkey - CHIOS ISLAND - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Day 4 & 5
Leave Turkey and cruise towards Chios, a beautiful Greek island rich in history.

The island is renowned for the Masticahoria or the mastic villages which for hundreds of years have cultivated mastica, the sap of the mastic trees, which is a wondrous substance that cures illnesses and has been used for a variety of purposes since ancient times.Chios Mastic Museum offers an excellent overview of the mastic cultivation and production process, plus a grove of mastic trees.

There are also very beautiful, small medieval villages, such as Pyrgi and Olympi, with the geometrical patterns on the external walls.

On the southwestern coast of Chios lies the beach of Emporios Mavros Gialos. Its name means black beach due to the black pebbles and sand from the volcano that is now extinct.

The area is renowned for the natural landscape and relaxing surroundings; blue crystalline waters surrounded by rocky hills with low vegetation and greenery.

The island also offers many chances for hiking with trails leading to secluded beaches, medieval villages and old monasteries.
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Cesme Marina, Turkey - ALACATI - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Day 6
Cruise back towards the western coast of Turkey and stop at Alacati, a traditional Turkish town nearby Izmir.

Alacati is best known for its stone houses, colorful balconies, cobblestone streets, outdoor cafes, vineyards and windmills.

The bay is famous for its windsurfing beaches with continuous and steady wind throughout the year.
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Cesme Marina, Turkey - ÇESME MARINA - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Day 7
Return to Cesme Marina for disembarkation.
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