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Bodrum to Gocek

8 days Luxury Yacht Charter Experience

Discover Turkey’s ancient heritage and modern luxuries on this coastal cruise

Discover Turkey’s ancient culture and modern luxuries on this coastal cruise.

Turkey’s rich cultural heritage is well preserved in the archaeological sites to be found in Knidos, Datca and in the Gulf of Fethiya. 

Explore the bays of this beautiful coastline, fringed by fishing ports and pine forests, on this nine day itinerary from Bodrum to Gocek.


Bodrum has acquired something of a Bohemian reputation from the time when dissident artists and writers were exiled there in the early twentieth century and, owed to its idyllic setting, it has become a popular resort for tourists in recent years. The imposing crusader castle in the bay, built by the Knights of St. John, is home to the best underwater archaeological museum in the Mediterranean, and is well worth a visit. Among the artefacts on display are finds from what is thought to be the earliest known shipwreck dating from the Bronze Age.

After embarkation, settle back for a leisurely sail to Mersincik across the bay from Gekova (20 nm), where a stunning anchorage surrounded by pine forests with clear blue waters awaits you; perfect for a first swim.

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Knidos is an ancient settlement located on the south western point of the Datca Peninsula. Anchor in the bay of what used to be the ancient Greek city of Caria, part of the Dorian Hexapolis. Swim in crystal clear waters and snorkel over a sunken breakwater before visiting the impressive historic site ashore.
Palamutbuku is one of the hidden treasures along the Datca peninsula. It is a charming small port with a long beach, a variety of restaurants and numerous small shops sell local products like almonds, honey and hand-made soap. 

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Bodrum to Gocek - KALABOSHI AND DATCA - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Stop for lunch and watersports in the Bay of Kalaboshi before continuing to Datca.
Datca is a port town located midway along the peninsula which carries the same name, and is the centre town of the district. It is a popular destination for yachting because of the many beautiful coves and large bays, which are abundant in this area. Take a visit inland to the little village, and see what remains of the original Greek settlement, which has been recently renovated and is well worth a visit. Cobblestone alleys run between two-storey Greek-style houses with ornate wooden garden gates and flowering bougainvillea. 

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Bodrum to Gocek - SELIMIYE AND DIRSEK - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Selimiye is a peaceful fishing village fringing a truly stunning bay just along the coast from Turgutkoy and Orhaniye.
Follow the paths up to the fortress on the hill, which overlooks the bay and the ruins of the old watch tower built on a small island in the bay’s centre.

Dirsekbuku is a timeless and tranquil spot to anchor and stay overnight. The peaceful ambience and breathtaking scenery with clear waters, is truly alluring. 
Hills covered with pine forest descend to the shoreline, creating the perfect backdrop for a dinner enjoyed on-deck.

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Bodrum to Gocek - BOZBURUN - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Tourism, fishing, sponge diving and apiculture (bee keeping) are the main means of livelihood for the inhabitants of Bozburun and its thyme honey is famous across Turkey.
Bozburun also has a long tradition in the construction of gulet yachts. The peninsular is protected and large scale construction is forbidden, as a result the area feels as though it a living museum, and the way of life for residents here is largely unchanged from decades ago.

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Bozukkale is a large and well protected bay perfect for swimming and watersports. In Hellenistic times, Bozukkale was known as Loryma and an important port for trading and travel. The walls of the fortified castle from those days still remain and a rough path leads up to these and follows them around; it’s worth the hike for the view in early morning or late afternoon, when the Greek islands of Symi and Rhodes are usually visible. The castle itself is almost directly opposite the ancient Greek city of Rhodes, and it’s thought to have been built by craftsmen from Rhodes to try and keep enemy fleets out of the bay.

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The yacht will make an early start and you will awake with a different view in the protected bay of Ekincik. After a swim and breakfast, a local river boat will collect you from the yacht and take you past Iztuzu Beach, also known as Turtle Beach, one of the few remaining breeding grounds of the Loggerhead turtle. You will then turn inland through the reed-lined channels of the Dalyan river delta towards the famous Lycian Rock tombs, which sit high on the cliff face and overlook the river. Visit the town of Dalyan and have lunch in one of the fish restaurants by the riverside. On the way back, stop at the ruins of Caunos and walk up to the theatre where there’s a beautiful view. There are Roman baths, an Agora, Temples and an early Byzantine church to visit here too. Stop for a swim at the beach before returning to your yacht.

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Bodrum to Gocek - GULF OF FETHIYA AND CLEOPATRA'S BATH - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Cleopatra’s Bath or, more precisely, the bay of Cleopatra’s Bath, is a large bay surrounded by pine trees and has a dark blue sea which blends into light blue as you reach the shore. In the south-western part of the bay, there are submerged ruins where you can swim and snorkel. According to the myth, on one of Cleopatra’s visits to the Anatolian coast, her close friends decided to build a Roman Bath for her as a present and these are the remains.

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Bodrum to Gocek - GOCEK - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

 On your way to Gocek stop for a last morning swim in one of the close by anchorages.
Gocek is only 20 minutes from Dalaman airport and a very convenient port to start or finish a charter.  

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