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Raja Ampat

7 days Luxury Yacht Charter Experience

Stunning scenery and scuba diving in the Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat

The varied dive sites of Raja Ampat and abundance of exciting marine life put it high on the list of internationally-acclaimed diving locations, but there is much to be seen and enjoyed above the waterline too, with tropical birds, waterfalls and sandy beaches


Embark in Sorong, the gate to magical Raja Ampat. The name of Raja Ampat literally means the ‘Four Kings’ and the region is comprised of over 1,500 islands.
Sail through the Damier Strait with pods of dolphins and occasionally migrating whales.
Explore Kabui Bay, perfect for watching the aviary life or the bright corals beneath, or enjoy the warm waters wakeboarding.

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Waigeo is the largest of the four main islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago.
Visit Saporen village and follow in the footsteps of the famous naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace in a pre-dawn quest to spot the remarkable Red Bird of Paradise.
Catch a rare and privileged sight of the bird’s elaborate courtship dance as the day breaks over the forest canopy.
Later in the day explore the mangroves and trek through the forest to a beautiful waterfall.

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Raja Ampat - PENEMU ISLAND - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Penemu is one of the most beautiful islands in the Raja Amapt which is also known as ‘hidden bay’.
The island offers spectacular scenery to be explored ashore or for the divers there is a 30m-deep dive where they can discover impressive giant trevally, rainbow runners, spotted sweetlips, black snappers, Indian lionfish, species of dragonets and the Pantohe Pygmy seahorse.
75% of the world’s coral species can be found in Raja Ampat alone (that’s 10 times more than in the Caribbean) including 3,000+ species of fish and 700 species of mollusks.

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Raja Ampat - WAYAG ISLAND - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Located in the northern part of Raja Ampat, close to the Pacific Ocean- Wayag Island offers stunning panoramic views of the bays and tiny islets which are surrounded by crystal blue water and white sandy beaches.
The best way to take in this absolutely breathtaking view is to hike to the top of the limestone mountains, the effort is well worth it.
In the afternoon relax with a little snorkelling, kayaking and beach combing before Chef prepares the
evening meal for the beach BBQ, it is the perfect place.

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Raja Ampat - KRI ISLAND - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Located in a natural protected marine park, Cape Kri’s dive site put Raja Ampat on the map when Dr Gerry Allen smashed his record for the total number of fish species seen on a single tank dive - an incredible 374!

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Raja Ampat - MISOOL - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

The Blue Water Mangroves west of Misool are one of the most magical places in the Raja Ampat itinerary.
Due to the shallow water and narrow channels, they offer dramatic luminosity viewing coral reefs in and around the mangrove roots.
It’s a great experience to kayak or paddleboard through these mangroves.
After, why not enjoy other water sports, or relax on the beach.

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These two islands should be on everyone’s bucket list in regards to exploring Southern Raja Ampat. They are renowned for their artistic natural formations and the abundance of tropical corals & fish easily seen whilst snorkelling.
For scuba divers, the Goa Farondi dive site offers an amazing cave diving experience - the
best in the Misool region.
It offers depths from 15m to 30m with clear visibility which makes Farondi caves a fascinating dive, teeming with marine life.

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A swim through Tomolol’s mysterious dome-topped cave is undoubtedly one of Raja Ampat’s most memorable activities.
After an early breakfast, the tenders will take you into the heart of the bay to see this partially submerged cave where it is possible to swim, snorkel or simply float while gazing up at the cavernous limestone grotto adorned with astonishing stalactites.
The more adventurous can swim or paddle.

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