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Portofino to Salerno, 14 days

Portofino to Salerno, 14 days

From Portofino to Salerno, indulge in

This itinerary takes in some of the finest sights along the Italian coast and the Bay of Naples. From traditional fishing villages like Portofino, to the UNESCO world heritage sites such as Cinque Terre and on to Rome; an icon of both the ancient and modern world. xxx

Embark in Portofino, a charming fishing village on the Italian Riviera, south-east of Genoa.

Typical pastel-coloured houses, high-end boutiques, seafood restaurants and bars fringe its Piazzetta; a small cobbled square overlooking the harbour. 

Before you set off, following the path which leads from the Piazzettato Castello Brown, a 16th-century fortress and museum with art exhibitions and panoramic views of the town and the Ligurian Sea, is well worth the climb.  

Portofino is full of charm and character and is a beautiful port of call along this exquisite stretch of coastline.  Portofino has been a favourite with many celebrities over the years and the town exudes an age-old jet-set glamour. 

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Portofino to Salerno, 14 days - PORTOFINO AND SURROUNDING AREA - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Cruise by tender to San Fruttuoso, which is tucked away in a tiny, pristine bay between Camogli and Portofino and is surrounded by lush vegetation. Supremely exclusive, San Fruttuoso can only be reached by sea or on foot, hiking along the nature trails of the National Park. The clear and pristine sea waters here are ideal for swimming.
This lagoon also hides a treasure, the famous Christ of the Abyss: one of the most famous destinations for scuba divers in Italy. It is a huge bronze statue that rests on the seabed, 15 metres deep. You can see it from the water’s surface, but the best view is when you dive beneath the waves!

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Portofino to Salerno, 14 days - CINQUE TERRE - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
DAY 3 and 4

Close to Portofino, the Cinque Terre is one of the most preserved areas in the Mediterranean sea.  The five villages of Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. 
Suspended between the sea and sheer cliffs, the area runs for five miles of rocky coast between two promontories.  In each of the five towns, colourful houses and vineyards cling to steep terraces, harbors are filled with little fishing boats and trattorias offer up traditional seafood specialties along with the Liguria region’s famous sauce, pesto.
Walking along the coastal footpaths offers striking views of lush Mediterranean vineyards and wild flowers abloom, while further inland you will walk through tantalizing pine and chestnut forests.

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Portofino to Salerno, 14 days - PORTO VENERE - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Porto Venere is a town that dates back to at least the middle of the first century.  The ancient town is a hidden treasure for tourists and even residents of Italy to discover. 
Rocky horizons, lush forests and vegetation surround the town which is often compared with the town of Portofino - perhaps due to the very colourful and narrow buildings.  One can walk along the cobblestone roads, which were built hundreds of years ago, and explore the ruins of Doria Castle which remain from the Doria Family dynasty. The panoramic view from atop Doria Castle is well worth the walk and the Gothic Church of St Peter is also prominent due to its black and white stone work. 
Depart late afternoon for Porto Ercole.

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Portofino to Salerno, 14 days - PORTO ERCOLE - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Awake at Porto Ercole.

The Necropolises of Cerveteri and Tarquinia were listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004.  They constitute a unique and exceptional testimony to the ancient Etruscan Civilization, the only urban civilization of the pre-roman age. The frescoes inside the tombs – true-to-life reproductions of Etruscan homes – are faithful depictions of this disappeared culture’s daily life. These tumuli, or burial mounds, reproduce the homes in their various types of constructions and were built to mirror the Etruscan habitation itself.  Guided trips to the Tombs can be arranged.

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DAY 7 and 8

Rome is the capital of Italy and it is also the country's largest and most populated commune.

It is the only city in the world to contain within its interior a whole state; the enclave of Vatican City. Rome's history spans more than two and a half thousand years since its legendary founding in 753 BC. It is referred to as "The Eternal City", a notion expressed by ancient Roman poets.  The Colosseum, arguably one of Rome's most iconic archaeological sites, is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Rome contains a vast and impressive collection of art, sculpture, fountains, mosaics, frescos, and paintings from different periods.  Guided tours of the sites can be arranged.  

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Portofino to Salerno, 14 days - PONZA - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Ponza is a truly delightful island, shaped like a crescent moon. 

Its glistening blue coastline is varied and dramatic with several rocky coves and sandy beaches as well as numerous grottos, caves and craggy cliffs.

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Portofino to Salerno, 14 days - VENTOTENE - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
DAY 10

The tiny island of Ventotene gets its name from the prevailing winds that blow over the island. 

A little more than two kilometers of volcanic earth, the island is a marine protected area and is a paradise for divers and sailors - not only offering wonderfully clear sea and pure nature, but also plenty of ancient history. 

Legends tell that this was the island of Ulysses’ sirens and here lived in exile Giulia, the daughter of the Roman Emperor Augustus.

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Portofino to Salerno, 14 days - ISCHIA - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
DAY 11

The volcanic outcrop of Ischia is the most developed and largest of the islands in the bay of Naples. 

It is an intriguing concoction of sprawling spa towns, buried necropolises and spectacular scenery, with forests, vineyards, picturesque small fishing towns and secluded bays to enjoy.  Visit the boutiques and restaurants around the small fishing village of Sant’ Angelo. If you prefer to make straight for the beach, then head to Chiaia beach in Forio, which is perfect for children, or the ‘Spiaggia degli Inglesi’ which will put some distance between you and the crowds of the town.

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Portofino to Salerno, 14 days - SORRENTO - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Perched on an imposing cliff overlooking the sea, Sorrento retains medieval and classical influences, which are flanked by the architecture of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. A guided tour can be organised to discover the archaeological wonders of Pompeii and Herculaneum and the imposing splendour of Mount Vesuvius.

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DAY 13

Capri is considered the most famous island in Italy - home to the “Blue Grotto” – an amazing marine cavern under two metres of water with niches, platforms and apses carved out of the rocks.  Excursions to explore the Grotto can be arranged. 

There are many other fantastic natural sculptures around the island caused by erosion of the geology over the years.  

A funicular runs from the port up to Capri town and excursions can be arranged up to Anacapri – known for its beautiful gardens, terraces and pergolas – an ideal spot to admire the breathtaking views and watch the sunset. 

On the south eastern corner of the island is Isola Faraglioni – a small island consisting of pillars of rock emerging from the sea which feature in most photos of Capri.

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Day 14

Visit the cliff-side village of Positano with a pebble beachfront and steep, narrow streets lined with boutiques and cafes. Its Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta features a majolica-tiled dome and a 13th-century Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary.

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Disembarkation in Salerno, which is home to a beautiful seaside promenade called the Lungomare Trieste and a charming old town with historic buildings and museums.

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