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Bergen to Bergen - Norway

7 days Luxury Yacht Charter Experience

This charter in the Fjords of Norway takes in mountains, lakes and glaciers

Journeying from Bergen, visit the Fjords of Sognefjord and Hardanderfjord where you’ll find immensely imposing landscapes and a panoramic vista at every turn.


Bergen is a city on Norway’s southwestern coast. It's surrounded by mountains and fjords, including Sognefjord, the country’s longest and deepest.
Bergen features colourful wooden houses on the old wharf, once a centre of the Hanseatic League's trading empire. This is now home to many of the city’s restaurants, pubs, craft shops and historical museums. Take the Fløibanen Funicular up Fløyen Mountain for panoramic views and hiking trails, and visit The Edvard Grieg House - where the renowned composer once lived.

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Bergen to Bergen - Norway - ROSENDAL AND LOFTHUS - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
DAY 2 TO 4

Hardangerfjord is the second longest fjord in Norway. The nature and heritage of the region forms the perfect backdrop for a wide range of activities and adventures. An epic sight is the Troll’s Tongue or Trolltunga, a slender spur of rock projecting into the void above Lake Ringedalsvatnet, however it is a tough hike of 23km from the trailhead at Skjeggedal, and only recommended for those in good physical shape.
A great fjord-side diner is Gloyp, which offers fresh, locally-sourced and well executed food in a light, bright space.
If your chartered yacht has a helicopter or a submarine, speak to your Captain about seeing the sites from another angle, either above or below!

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Bergen to Bergen - Norway - GULEN, GUDVANGEN, FLAM AND SKJOLDEN - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
DAY 5 TO 7

The greatest attraction of the Sognefjord is its immense variety of landforms gathered in the one region, from wide-open fjord landscapes and green hills to narrow fjord arms, massive mountain ranges and spectacular blue glaciers.
In the summer you can enjoy an exciting guided glacier tour to Nigardsbreen which, not being too physically demanding, is suitable for most people, including children as young as 6 years old. On your route through this mesmerizing landscape of blue ice, you’ll see huge towers, pinnacles and deep crevasses. You will of course need some warm clothes!
All the way along Sognefjord are small and traditional picturesque villages.

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Time to bid farewell to the Captain and crew and disembark back in Bergen.
Hopefully your trip will have been the adventure of a lifetime.

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