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Bergen to Bergen

10 days Luxury Yacht Charter Experience

Discover the magic of Norway’s fjords, exploring mountains, lakes and glaciers

The Norwegian fjords are world renowned for their stunning, wild beauty.  A natural masterpiece, they are enlisted on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List and are one of the most spectacular destinations on the planet


Arriving at Bergen International Airport Flesland, you will be met by your crew and onward transportation by car for 10 minutes will take you to the jetty and the journey into the Fjords can begin.
Rosendal is a beautiful village located in the middle of the Hardangerfjorden.
Rosendal is perfect for hiking and you can start a hike right from the pier, or go by car, to a beautiful valley located next to the Folgefonna glacier.
If you are interested in culture and flowers, a visit to the famous Baronial is a pleasant excursion.
The water conditions of this fjord also makes it ideal for kayaking or cycling along the fjord’s edge.

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At the end of the Hardgangerfjord, visit the picturesque village Lofthus. If you visit mid- May the village is particularly picturesque, as it becomes filled with an amazing fruit blossom, as it’s a home to a national fruit research.
If you are up for a challenge you can make the 10-hour hike to the famous Trolls Tongue.  
There are easier hikes available if you’re less experienced, or you can take to a helicopter for an aerial sightseeing tour.  During your hike, visit the famous waterfall of Vøringsfossen.
Take a romantic evening walk between the apple trees in the village, stop at a cider farm for refreshments and take in the local history.  If you want a more relaxed tour you can go by horse and wagon!

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Bergen to Bergen - BEKKJARVIK - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Bekkjarvik is a charming fishing village located on the coast to the south of Bergen.
We recommend a deep sea fishing expedition with a local guide.
Alternatively, visit the Bekkjarvik Guesthouse is a late seventeenth-century inn were you can have a nice dinner cooked by the famous chef, Ørjan Johannesen, the winner of Bocuse d’Or 2015, and boasts a seafood and shellfish speciality.
In the village you will also find a unique little shopping mall and a barrel factory.
Before leaving take time to visit the Bekjkavik church that has been located in the village since 1895.

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Bergen to Bergen - BERGEN - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and is the gateway to the Fjords with a wide array of attractions.
Bergen is a city packed with culture, architecture, history and tradition. There are great opportunities for shopping and we recommend to visit the aquarium and museums.
Bergen is famous for its old wharf, where historically people came from many countries to trade.  In the harbor you will also find the popular fish market.
Above the city, the mount Fløien is watching over it all, and a hike up here is good exercise with the reward of a great view.

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Bergen to Bergen - FINDEN - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

At Finden you’ll find the sound of silence!  It’s a place with only one man and no roads, and the surroundings are spectacular!  Next to Finden you will find the special Fjord-arm of Findebotten. This is a very sheltered area and it’s beautiful for kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding.  We recommend a guided Fjord-fishing trip, and a local guide will come with his own boat, pots and nets, all prepared in advance.

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Bergen to Bergen - FLAM - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Flåm is a very popular tourist destination and a vibrant village in summer time. The big attraction here is the famous Flam Railway.  We recommended taking the train to the top and then biking down the beautiful valley back to the village. Another option is to take the zipline which runs the 1,381m down a part of the valley and back to the Fjord!
In the village you can shop for souvenirs and visit to the local pub where they produce their own renowned beer.
One of the highlights of this itinerary is cruising into the amazing Nærøyfjord listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list - it is one of the most beautiful Fjords in the World.  For those interested in Viking history, a visit to the Viking village of Njardarheim, located at the end of the Fjord, is recommended.

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Bergen to Bergen - KAUPANGER - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Kaupanger is located on the north side of the Sognefjord.  A thousand years ago when the fjords where the highway, this was an important harbor for trading, and some of the biggest farms on the west coast were located here.  Because of this, one of the most majestic stave churches in Norway was built here. We recommend a tour of the stave church and a private song performance - it’s a very memorable experience.
From the bay of Kaupanger you will be taken by car transport to an amazing estate for salmon fishing and a private BBQ.  The estate’s idyllic and secluded location makes it a perfect spot for a bit of reclusive peace and quiet. Guests of the estate are offered terrific fishing in the farm’s own lake and in this most peaceful and calm of environments, you can try your hand at catching a salmon.
Food is an important part of the overall experience wherever you are. The estate’s chef will BBQ a whole deer, hunted in the forest surrounding the farm.  The meal will be served outside in ‘House of Spirits’, at the big pond - this is an open cottage of about 150 square meters, built in local mountain pine. Here you can sit late into the evening, enjoying your food and drink by the fireside, taking in the scenery of the big pond and the surrounding mountains.

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Bergen to Bergen - SONGEFJORD - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

At the end of the 204km-long Songefjord, the Luster fjord is located and the landscape here is shaped by the glacier and the Fjord.
This is the day to go for a hike on the glacier!  A car drive will take you up to the glacier and you will be provided with all the required equipment.  First, you will paddle a kayak over the lake in front of the glacier and then begin the hike up to the glacier and along, as far as you wish to go.

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Bergen to Bergen - FJAERLAND AND BALESTRAND AND DALSFJORDEN - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

The yacht will arrive in Fjærland and guests can go ashore for a Glacier tour.
Guests will be met at the pier by a local guide and a van will transport them on an exploratory excursion of the glaciers surrounding the village.
All of this natural wonder is accessible just 10 minutes’ distance from the boat.
Fjærland also offers many great hikes of varying difficulty levels.
Balestrand is a beautiful village located in the middle of the Sognefjord on the north side. Balestrand is famous for its large fruit cultivation and among the apple trees you will find a hidden little gem - The Ciderhouse.  The Ciderhouse produces the finest beverages from the apples and there’s also a restaurant here. In the evening, enjoy a private tasting experience at the Ciderhouse and you will also be served a special dinner - it’s a great way to mark a special occasion, or reward yourself for a day’s glacial exploring!
Dalsfjorden is a peaceful Fjord with beautiful surroundings and an amazing waterfall.
We recommend a visit ashore and meeting a local who will take you for a lovely hike along the waterfall’s side. The hike is for approximately three hours, depending on how much time you want to spend enjoying the views.

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DAY 10

Kalvåg is a charming fishing village with good conditions for deep sea fishing.  A local fisherman can take you out to the best spots. Kayaking in the archipelago here is a must and in the heart of the village, the famous Knutholmen Restaurant is located when you’ve worked up an appetite.

Departure is from Bergen International Airport.

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