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Yacht Crew FAQ


I can’t upload my CV to my file. What’s wrong?

The database will only accept WORD, PDF, or JPG files less than 1MB in size. Usually, if you are having trouble uploading a file, it is because it is too large. Try resizing your photo as a JPG and then re-pasting it to your CV. If you don’t know how to do this, give us a call or send us an email, and we will help.

I only have paper copies of my certificates. How can I add them to my file?

You will need to scan your certificates into WORD, PDF, or JPG files in order to upload them. If you are unable to do this, bring the copies to your interview, and a crew agent will help you.

I am planning on taking some courses and will be available next year. When should I register?

You can register at any time, but it is best to contact us no more than 2 to 4 weeks before you are available to start work. The positions that we have are generally for an immediate start, so it is best for you to interview when the positions will be relevant.

How long will my registration last?

Your file will remain on our system as long as you want it to. When you get a job, we will deactivate your file. This will also happen automatically if you stop checking in. As soon as you tell us you are looking for work again, we will reactivate your file and start looking out for you immediately


I am unable to come to Cannes. Do you interview in other Camper and Nicholsons offices?

No. Unfortunately, we only conduct interviews in Cannes. However, during the Caribbean season and in certain other cases, we will schedule telephone interviews.

Do I need to make an appointment for an interview?

It is important to us that we interview every candidate personally, and we want to see as many people as possible each day. This is why we do not schedule interviews. Our doors are open to crew from Monday to Thursday, 9:30am to noon. Please stop by during those hours and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss what you are looking for.

Please make sure that at this time that your file is up to date and your CV is current. Beware that during the busy seasons, the waiting room fills up fast!


I can’t afford to get my STCW 95 right now. Aren’t there some boats I can work on?

There are some small, private boats that will hire crew without their STCW 95. However, nearly every boat that comes through our agency will require this certificate as a minimum. As a general rule, we can only place crew who have their STCW 95.

Which yachts come to you for crew?

We provide crew for all yachts whether they are motor or sailing yachts, managed by us or not. The yachts that we manage will use our services as a priority before going to other agencies, but we provide the same professional service for any yacht seeking crew.

Where is the list of jobs available?

Our policy is not to advertise jobs online. We pride ourselves on our professional service and always aim to provide the best possible match of crew for every yacht. We insist on interviewing every candidate prior to placing them and always obtain as much information as possible about the positions they are looking for. We use the same rigor when speaking to Captains and Owners about the crew they are seeking. That way, when we select candidates we are sure of the best possible fit.

What is difference between working on a M/Y and a S/Y?

Motor yachts are generally more formal in style, while sailing yachts tend to be more casual and offer an environment closer to nature. Life onboard a motor yacht normally means that you will be working and living among a larger crew, which has its ups and downs, but most often, the pay is higher on a motor yacht than on a sailing yacht. The latest craze in yachting is the super sailing yachts where conditions are more similar to working and living on board a motor yacht.


What is a B1B2 visa, and how do I get one?

A B1B2 visa is the one needed to work in the United States or in US waters (including much of the Caribbean). You can apply for this visa at any US Embassy. Different cities vary, but a letter of employment is usually required. Unfortunately, since we are not your employer, we cannot provide that.

What is the MCA?

The MCA is the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. They are responsible for implementing the government’s maritime safety policy and also the training and certification of UK seafarers. They are a member of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and they follow the criteria laid down by them.

What is the STCW?

STCW stands for: Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers. It is a convention that was drafted in 1978 by the IMO. In 1995 significant changes were made to the convention, including the creation of an STCW Code that set training standards for professional mariners. All Captains, Officers, and Engineers must now hold certification that complies with STCW regulations, depending on the size and type of vessel they work on. Generally speaking however, when you hear about the STCW 95, it is usually referring to the 4 module safety course required of all crew members.

Complaints Procedure

What is the complaints procedure to follow?

Camper & Nicholsons Crew Placement Division aims to provide a high quality of service to all hiring parties and candidates. We would like to know if you feel that we have failed to do so, in order to help us deal with the specific problem and avoid it happening again.

If you would like to register a complaint, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Please include the following information in your complaint:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your telephone number
  • A short description of the events that have led to your complaint, including the names of the people involved.

NOTE: All complaints will be treated in confidence.
We will send you an e-mail to acknowledge your complaint and ask you to confirm or explain the details set out.
Your complaint will be logged in our 'Complaints Procedure Record'.
At this stage we will do our utmost to resolve your complaint.
You will receive a written reply within 5 working days of your initial e-mail, the time required to investigate your complaint. In certain instances we may have to extend this to 10 working days, in which case you will be informed by e-mail.
Our reply will include the findings from our investigation and suggestions for resolving the matter when necessary.

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