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If you are serious about joining the industry, there are some pre-requisites to think about.
First and foremost, you will need to complete your STCW 95 Basic Training Certification.

STCW 95 Basic Training Certification

This is a four-part safety training course, and it is mandatory if you wish to work on a commercially registered yacht or nearly any mega-yacht. It is true that there are some small, private boats that will take uncertified crew, but without the certificate, you will always be at a disadvantage. If you plan to use agencies to help you find work, it is an absolute must. The price of this course varies depending on your location but can cost over €1,000. This may seem expensive but think of it as an investment. If you carry on in this industry, you will be paid very well.

ENG 1/ Medical Certificate

In addition, you will need to plan on getting an ENG 1 medical certificate before you join your first yacht. This is a basic examination performed by an MCA certified doctor. It costs approximately €100. See below for certified doctors in your area.

Deck Crew

While the STCW 95 and ENG 1 are mandatory for all crew, there are further certificates that are needed if you wish to work as Deck Crew. This is because the industry is becoming increasingly regulated, and all crew must now comply with the safe manning requirements of the yacht. A Yacht Rating Certificate or a Yacht Master are more and more commonly requested for entry level positions, especially on commercially registered yachts.

Yachtmaster Offshore & Ocean Certificates

The Yachtmaster Offshore and Ocean certificates are generally offered by most training providers facilities. See below for training providers in your area.

Yacht Rating or Deck Rating Certificate

The Yacht Rating or Deck Rating Certificate, as it is sometimes called, is a newer qualification gained through experience and sea time. The candidate must obtain a Training Record Book outlining skills to be mastered. Once this book is complete and signed off by superiors, it can be exchanged for the certification. Though not quite as prestigious as the Yachtmaster, this new addition allows entry level deckhands to get ahead without putting extra money and time into a lengthy and often expensive course.

Certified Doctors & Training Facilities in your area:

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