A Career in Yachting

Working on a yacht is certainly a 180-degree change from life in an office or other land based positions. You will be taking your work home with you, as you will be living where you work. You will be expected to maintain the uppermost keen and flexible attitude, not only in the way you complete your daily work but also in how you interact with the people you are working with and for.

This requires an extra strong backbone both physically and mentally, and there are times when you will be expected to perform duties outside of your job description.

There is no "nine to five" lifestyle onboard boats, but the challenges can be extremely rewarding. This is one business that truly demands a team player. You must be prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty at all times.

Crew Positions
Perhaps one of the things that is particular about yachting is that nearly everyone must enter the industry at the bottom and work their way up
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