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The majority of Captains started their career as a deckhand. This is the entry level for all exterior positions on board and though it is a very physical job, it often requires a high level of guest interaction. In short, the deckhand’s responsibility is taking care of the exterior of the yacht. This includes cleanliness, maintenance, mooring, water toys, and tender driving.

Useful skills

  • Small boat sailing, racing, jet skiing, wakeboarding and any other water sports, leisure boating, diving
  • Carpentry, cabinet making, engineering, handy-man skills, car/motor repair, painting, cleaning
  • Ability to take direction, work in a team, deal with difficult personalities, manage co-workers, multi-task, think on your feet

Main responsibilities

General maintenance and upkeep of the vessel including polishing and cleaning, tender driving, client contact, water sports activities.


Tickets required
  • STCW 95
  • ENG 1
Tickets desired
  • Yacht Rating Certificate
  • Yachtmaster Offshore / Ocean
  • Powerboat Level II
  • PADI certification

Other crew positions

Perhaps one of the things that is particular about yachting is that nearly everyone must enter the industry at the bottom and work their way up.

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