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The Great Lakes

Luxury Yacht Charter Destination

Sail down the backroads of America’s great country with a luxury superyacht charter experience on the Great Lakes. These landscapes of swaying corn, sprawling orchards, rolling dunes, deserted beaches and wandering moose make for a land of fascinating discovery. The great inland oceans come served with a side of summer resort towns and blinking lighthouses, and can be folded into a one of a kind all-American experience - from horse and carts down in Amish country to a slice of deep dish in the slick city streets of Chicago and the thunder of Niagara Falls, this is the glut and the glory of chartering the Great Lakes.

The five interconnected Great Lakes (Superior, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Huron) are impressive enough when taken singly, and are akin to inland seas. Four of the Great Lakes border Canada and when taken as a whole, the Great Lakes form the largest body of freshwater in the world; Lake Superior alone is more than three hundred miles from east to west and is just ripe for exploring on a yacht. Sharp, hot summers give way to bright, brilliant autumns, and winter is simply a sub-zero invitation to try snow-shoeing, ice-fishing or snowmobiling. 

Roll call for the region's cities starts with Chicago, which unfurls what is arguably the country's mightiest skyline. Milwaukee keeps the beer-and-Harley flame burning, while Minneapolis shines a hipster beacon out over the fields. Detroit rocks, plain and simple. All this and more awaits you as you set off on your luxury superyacht adventure.

Other highlights of the region include world-class vineyards, top-rated golf courses, shipwreck scuba diving, bustling marinas and quaint harbour towns.

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